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Wickedlist is America’s #1 destination for free adult personal classifieds. It provides people from all parts of the United States an opportunity to find true love or casual thing-depends on what people are looking for. With the location and preference-based searches, it makes it easier for you to meet people with similar interests and lifestyles nearby.

Wickedlist is the fastest growing platform for interacting and coming across new people. We focus upon people and their needs for an easy-to-navigate website with the content for every sexual orientation.

We help people create meaningful connections, which ignite the fire in their hearts and inspire people to share about themselves authentically and enthusiastically.

Our ads let you share who you really are, letting like-minded people find you. Wickedlist is more than just a platform, it’s a chance. We encourage the people to be honest while boosting integrity, equality, kindness, respect as well as confidence in all aspects of the interaction.

Wickedlist lets people learn more about themselves and how to form and maintain healthier connections.

It’s never without the acquiescence of fate that two people end up in the exact same spot at the same time. Would you want to miss out on such an opportunity?

Healthier relationships are crucially important for a positive and productive life. We, as a social platform, empower the people while they form connections, let it be dating, searching for friends, or looking for a good time. One ad that you post on the Wickedlist could change your life.

We have zero-tolerance for bad behavior and hate speech. We will fight with prostitution, racist and rude comments, and will remove naked pictures or whole ads if they would be against our terms of use. Wickedlist is a platform build upon the foundation of mutual respect and kindness.

We’re extremely happy and incredibly proud to spark
hundreds of thousands of encounters and wish
to be a continual source of beautiful stories.