Privacy Policy

We appreciate you for taking out the time to read this.

You trusted us and our goal is to keep this trust intact. This kickoff with ensuring that you fully understand why we collected the information you gave us and how we intend to use it. This privacy policy will describe our actions in laymen’s terms keeping the technical and legal terms as simple as we can.


This privacy policy is applicable to apps, events, websites and other services managed by WickedList’s. For clarity, we’ll call all things mentioned earlier our “services”.


It will be difficult to help you build meaningful and sincere connections without basic information about you, such as gender preferences or the people you would likely interact with. If you are looking to post your Ad, we might ask you for your email or login credentials. We also collect your phone numbers, which allows us to make sure that our users are always protected.

COOKIES uses cookies to make your experience better and to help us provide information about how our website is getting used. Your personal information like your email address or name. Cookies are necessary to log into

Security has security and safety measures in place to guard the misuse, alteration, and loss of information that is under our control. We collect your emails and mobile numbers in order to ensure your maximum protection.

HOW your INFORMATION is used

The main purpose why we collect your personal information is to improve and deliver quality services. Furthermore, your details may be used to provide you with advertisements that might interest you. Your emails and mobile numbers might be used in case of issues; this would allow us to guarantee maximum protection for our users. Read on further for more clarification of the different reasons why we use your information, along with some practical examples.

Managing your ad and provide you with our services

  • Post your ad by logging in with your email
  • Assist you with customer support service and to acknowledge your requests
  • Provide you with detailed information about the services we offer

Assisting you to connect with others

  • Analyze your preferences and Ad to allow us to suggest sincere and meaningful connections to you and your ad to others
  • Show users each other’s dating Ad.

To hinder, identify and fight unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal activities

  • Take notice of alleged misconduct both off and on the platform
  • Carry out data analysis to support understanding and then designing specific countermeasures against such activities
  • Hold to data associated with these activities to prevent their recurrences

Ensuring legal compliance

  • Obey legal requirements
  • Aid law enforcement
  • Exercise or enforce our rights

The legal basis we rely on:

  • Provide our service to you: Mostly, the reason for processing your personal information is to enforce the agreements you have with us. For example, as you use our service to create connections, your personal information is used to maintain your Ad to recommend other users to you and make it viewable.
  • Legitimate interests: Your information may be used where we have legal freedom and legitimate interests. Such as analyzing users’ activities to improve our services, we recommend offers that might attract you, and process your information for legal, fraud detection and administrative purposes.
  • Consent: You may be asked for your consent now and then to use your personal information. You will be able to pull out your consent at any occasion by making a contact at the address given at bottom of the privacy policy.

When required by law

Your information may be disclosed if seen necessary: (i) to comply with a legal process, for instance, a subpoena, or legal requirements; (ii) to aid the detection or prevention of crime; or (iii) to protect person’s safety.

  • To enforce legal rights

Your information might be shared: (i) if disclosure helps us get an edge in a threatened or actual lawsuit; (ii) if seen necessary to guard our and our users legal rights, business associates or other invested parties; (iii) to make sure our contract with you is enforced; and (iv) to inquire into, prevent, or implement countermeasures against suspected fraud, illegal activity or any other crimes.

  • With your consent

You might be asked for your consent to share your information with third parties. We’ll make it clear that why we want to do it in any such case


You are with the following functionalities and tools, so you can be in control of your information

  • Update / Access tools in the service. Settings and tools to access, delete or rectify information that you gave us. If there is any question regarding those settings and tools, our customer care team is there to help.
  • Deletion. Your Ad can be deleted using the appropriate functionality directly on the service.

HOW your information is protected

We try out best and work hard to guard and protect your personal information from unapproved access to or destruction, alteration or disclosure. Although we take all necessary measures to make your information secure, nor we promise, neither you should expect your information to always be safe.

We check our systems regularly for potential attacks and possible vulnerabilities and analyze our storage, processing practices, and information collection on a regular basis to update our technical, organizational and physical security measures.

If we detect or suspect any breach of security, we are authorized to suspend your services without any notice

Child Restriction

Users who are 18 years of age or older are eligible to use our services. Users younger than 18 are not permitted on our website and we do not collect information from anyone who does not fall in this category. Please contact our customer services email to report if you suspect that anyone who is not eligible to use our services is using them. To report such issues, you can email us at [email protected]


As we’re always struggling to find creative and new ways to let you create meaningful and sincere connections, therefore, this privacy policy may change over time. You will be notified before any change in the privacy policy so that you have enough time to assess the changes.

Contact US

If you face any confusion or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at
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