Dating Tips

Dating Tips from Wickedlist

Whether you have had countless dates with people you found online, or you’re still waiting for your first online date, a little bit of advice comes in handy in this rapidly-changing digital world.

Your Dating bio must do justice to you

It often feels quite unnatural to write about yourself, while dissecting each part of your personality in a couple of sentences for your classifieds. It feels cringe to describe your likes and dislikes for the description. When it comes to online dating, the more info you provide about yourself, the more likely you’ll find the people who are actually like-minded. In case of a vague and partially-filled profile could often mislead people into being suspicious about the authenticity of the ad. If you are not sure about what to write about yourself in the ad, you should feel no shame in consulting a family member or a friend to help you with that.

The pictures must be clear

The pictures must look obvious and clear, people should pick up the honest pictures, and they must reflect you in the best light. Blurry pictures with really flashing light or the pictures in your sunglasses or 10-year old pictures are a definite no-go. You should consider a professional shoot with a dating photo specialist in case you don’t have decent photos that have been recently taken. Extensively edited and photo-shopped pictures would be dishonest and would eventually cause problems in the long run. You would never find someone who genuinely likes you for what you are.

Safety should be your first priority

Every other day, we hear a horrifying story concerning online dating. Dating platforms have been used by predators and dangerous people to target innocent. It is significant to choose a place in the public on your first date. As an additional precaution, we must ensure that we let our friends and family members know about the location and about the person you’re going on a date with. As a standard rule, you must avoid the people who suggest you to immediately come over back to their house or those who are overly pushy about meeting before discussing.

Don’t bombard them with calls and texts

The problem with most relationships is that; once people meet someone they like; they start thinking about them all the time, day in and day out. It is not unnatural to let them know about your day and what you are up to. It is crucial to remember that these are the starting days, if you give them too much attention at the start, it might be enough to give them cold feet. You must think of communication as a balancing mechanism; i.e. you should only add to the conversation as much as they do.

Only meet where you are comfortable

You will only be able to give a relaxed first impression if you are feeling comfortable in your surroundings on the first date. If you are looking to know more about the other person, a coffee house would be suitable as it is peaceful and quiet. If you are looking for adrenaline, then you could possibly consider a heavy metal gig. What’s really important is to choose a place which makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.

Avoid mentioning the ex

Whether your ex broke your heart, cheated on you, spent all your money, or a combination of all the little annoying habits which led you to drift away and end things, your new date doesn’t have to know about it at all. It is natural to have the curiosity to know more about whom they were dating before you, but most of these conversations will eventually occur naturally at the right time. You should try to avoid the chat about the exes on the first date.

Always remember that being selective is fine

Remember that you don’t have to date the first person who contacts you, just because you have been waiting for a long time. You must never feel pressured to go to your date’s house right after the first time you meet or meet them again after your first date. You don’t have to do any of that unless you’re certain that you really want to. There are millions of potential options and thousands of like-minded people you can date. There’s no need at all to settle for anything less than what you actually deserve and always know that you deserve the world. Take your time to decide.

Good luck with your online dating journey.