Oral sex feels effing good to the one getting it, and if done right, it can feel even better for the person giving it. The problem is that although it has become widely accepted, most people do not know what to do with their mouths when those panties fall. Oral sex turns your hormones on so much you will explode (pun intended). If there is anything you would enjoy having, it is top tier oral sex skills both when receiving or giving oral pleasure.

If you want to make sure your head game is on point (as you probably advertise on online dating sites), then you better hone in those skills and live up to the label! Feel like oral sex is the holy grail of your sex routine? You’re spot on, especially when trying not to be a selfish lover because, let’s face it, any sexual encounter where only one person cums is a no-no! There are dozens of oral sex tricks out there! And if you need to get ahead, you should master most of them.

Clean Up Before Go Oral

It is the first and probably most important tip that we can give when it comes to oral sex. Oral sex is beautiful and amazing, but if your hygiene is not up there, it can be quite horrific. You surely know it is essential to clean up before having sex. Yet it is extra important to clean up if you know some “eating out” is going to take place. This applies to both parties: you do not want your partner’s “candy bar” coming out of your mouth with bits and pieces of last night’s dinner. If you can, do get those special sex fragrances. They make the whole experience a lot more romantic and comfortable.

Compliment Your Partner

One thing we cannot skate around is that oral sex can be somewhat awkward, especially if it is the first time. The constant eye contact will make it even harder to get hold of your nerves. The best way to thaw this awkward block is by throwing around compliments before you start, during, and after the act. Tell them how clean their cookie jar is, tell him how big his stick is… And if your nerves were giving you a hard time, we assure you it will be a lot more comfortable if you throw in compliments into play. Keep communicating during the act to make sure you do not come having that awkward silence. Moaning and growling is actually enough to voice approval.

Use a Lot of Lube During Oral Fun

You are probably wondering why to use lube if you can just use spit. Well, although spit might seem to be quite perfect, you should know that when the action gets intense, saliva won’t be good enough. Dry lips can make the whole experience quite unpleasant. Most lubes on the market are edible. That’s why you won’t have to splurge on buying extra expensive products. The more slippery action, the better! Be sure to use lube, a lot of it!

Whip It Up! Make Oral Sex Sweet

The reason why whipped cream always has cameo appearances in almost all chick flicks is that nothing beats oral sex with a slight twist of sweetness. Oral sex might not be easy on the taste buds. And that might ruin it for you. With whipped cream, though, it has relative ease. You would have to deal with a dose of both pleasure and sweetness. Be sure to choose whipped cream that does not have ingredients that your partner or you might be allergic to, just in case.

use whipped cream during oral sex

Play Around with Oral Sex Positions

There are dozens of sex positions and dozens more for those of us who know that nothing beats oral sex. The “on your knees” is probably the most popular, and, well, it is known for a reason. It ensures that there is adequate eye contact and also comfort for both you and your partner if the action becomes a marathon. Other positions are quite interesting. Sixty Nining is quite something! It means you get to simultaneously please each other and, at the same time, be pleased, yes. This position is one of the best when it comes to oral sex, and it is definitely a must-try. If you are wild and want to experience the best oral sex can give, then you can always try facesitting.

There Is Always Room for Sex Toys

Sex toys were invented to supplement our sexual ability. No matter how good we are when it comes to sex, we can never really perform to the max due to human factors like fatigue. However, the good news is that with sex toys, we can even surpass it. There is generally no penetration during oral sex (unless if it’s a threesome), and, to get that into play, you need sex toys.

combine oral sex with sex toys

Feeling a bit skeptical about sex toys? There are tonnes of exciting sex toys out there, thanks to modern tech innovations! Even if you are a beginner, trust us, there is the perfect sex toy for you. They are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and purposes for your max satisfaction. Use the sex toys as you suck or lick your partner, and we can assure you, there will be a shaking orgasm. Sex toys and oral sex are the best duo that almost always leads to orgasm. There are a dozen other sex trends that you can throw into play.

Be Creative. Oral Sex Doesn’t Mean ONLY Mouth Game

What turns people on is different, and although we know oral sex will do the trick, a little creativity will go a long way in making it a whole lot better. You know better what your partner likes, and incorporating it into your oral sex session is what you need to do. If you and your partner are into BDSM, be sure to get some whips and, even better, try some blindfolding; if you are a hopeless romantic, theme the sex session to your favorite movie. The idea is to enjoy oral sex, so you can always throw in anything you feel will do the trick for you.

Ready to explore? There’s no doubt about the joys of oral sex, definitely an amazing sex dimension to try out! Head on over to the Wickedlist dating website and find the perfect partner who’s ready to explore with you!