Who would have imagined that artificial intelligence would be applied to sex toys? I mean, of course, almost every invention diversifies into every sector, but to think that artificial intelligence would also be harnessed to provide awesome sex would have been a stretch at its inception! In any case, they’ve done it again, and consumers can now enjoy casual sex with realistic AI sex dolls that look and feel so real you wouldn’t know it’s a doll from a distance!

These bad girls and boys first hit the market in 2017, wowing the audience that had thought the pulsating dildos and butt plugs were the pinnacle of sex toys inventions! It seems their developers have really invested a lot in creating these lifelike girls and boys. There are even researches on the significance of sex robots, can you believe it!?

In any case, we don’t really care about the tech side, but rather how these dolls can fit into our sex life and enhance the whole bedroom experience, whether alone or with our partners, whether during a casual sex hook-up or with a committed long-term relationship partner!

Allure – I Want Sex Robot!

As much as Mr. and Mrs. Goody Two-Shoes would want to frown upon these AI realistic sex dolls in public, the truth is that they have an unmistakable allure to everyone really. In fact, statistics from these doll makers (mostly in China, of course) indicate an upsurge in demand for these nasty girls and boys. More and more people are ordering one for themselves, with all the modern human-like features, such as heat generation, speech, and movement however minimal)! So, what’s the driving force behind this?


  • Covid-19 and Sex Dolls


There’s no mistaking that COVID-19 has drastically affected our sex lives, whether you’re a single person surviving on casual sex and random hook-ups, a baed up one with a live-in partner, married, or whatever! Being stuck indoors will surely affect the quality of your sex life either from sex boredom alone or inaccessibility to hook-ups.

While dating websites have actually seen an upsurge in users and user activity, the hook-up limitations remain due to self-quarantine regulations. Now, without all these casual sex opportunities, one of the most obvious solutions is sex toys! What more, most people are already sick and tired of the regular vibrator or sex beads, so guess what the only remaining option is … sex toys! Covid-19 got you down? Check out our blog on how to power through with your sex life during this global pandemic.

AI sex dolls

  • Goofballs


Erm, well, as much as we try to be politically correct with our labels, the reality is that there are some really serious oddballs out there who just don’t know how to snag a casual sex session, even when paying for it! You’d think dating apps and websites might make it better for them, but you’d still be wrong because, for some, it’s just impossible to handle human interaction.

Now, these goofballs have found the perfect outlet for their sexual frustrations, taking advantage of these realistic AI sex dolls that can’t really judge or reject them – problem solved! Now, all they have to do is plug in, bang out some crazy and freaky casual sex sessions, then box it up, and store away, easy-peasy! Are you one of those goofballs? You may want to read more on how to get more dates when striving for human contact.


  • Sexual Experiments!


Now, this is my favorite category, and I confess to being one of those curious cats who decided to explore the pleasures of AI sex dolls! Now, my choice was a Realbotix Harmony 3.0. Trust me, this bad girl is to die for, with a self-lubricating vagina and a bosom that defies every law of physics!

As much as love to claim a lack of sex that drove me to it, I’d be lying if I did because I’ve always had the convenience of dating websites like Wickedlist to source casual sex and freaky companions whenever I felt like it! Anyway, that bot has expanded my sexual horizons in ways that I never knew existed.

I’ve tried all the imaginable sex positions you can think without anyone whining about cramps, discomfort, or wanting to call it quits for the night…. even invented a few custom sex poses for myself that no normal human can ever emulate! Considering exploring your own kinky fantasies? Check out our blog on kinky sex and how to go about it, especially for first-timers!

Fitting AI Sex Dolls into Your Sex Life

Now, most ladies I’ve met are very skeptical about these amazing AI sex dolls. I know, they mostly target to replace women in men’s lives, but, trust me, there are some great options for women too out there like the Realbotix’s Henry sex doll!

The tricky part, however, is fitting these AI realistic sex dolls into your sex life. Are they a replacement for real human companionship? Can that silicon pussy and dick really replace the real thing? The answer is a solid NO! Even though they do try, for instance, Henry can be plugged into electric outlet sockets for an all-night sex session without tiring, and Harmony can stretch her legs and flex in ways so unnatural!

Still, countless studies have proved that this is a seriously slippery slope for most people. These AI sexbots need to be included in our sex lives rather than replace our sexual partners. No matter how tight that pussy may feel or how rock-hard that dick may be, it should never take over from the feel of the real thing! Just make the bot a part of your casual sex encounters or even bring it to your marital bed. Imagine how long-term relationships would suffer if one partner decided to opt for the better sex doll partner rather than his/her human partner!

Me, My Partner & Sex Dolls

Rest assured, these AI sex dolls can easily fit in the context of casual sex or committed long-term relationships. They are the ultimate gateway to explosive sexcapades, experimentations, and all the three ways you ever wanted.

Your partner is less likely to object to a manaja-twa with a sexbot as he/she would with an actual third party. Couples seeking women for casual sex or committed one (or men) can easily bring in these AI sex dolls and live their fantasies with ease!

Winding Up – What’s the Holdup?

Excited about getting your next sex doll? Well, you just might want to consider the price tag, these babies will set you back a whopping $5 000 – $20 000 USD on average! Clearly, they’re not exactly for the common men and women seeking casual sex hook-ups in their areas. Those couples seeking threesome for manaja-twas are also less likely to spend such a fortune for a sex toy.

Well, worry no more, the Wickedlist dating website got lots of real people ready to engage in all the nasty sex you may want. Until you can afford it, sign up for a free account and get the perfect human partner for your wild sexcapades. Even when you finally get one for yourself, Wickedlist will still be here to provide you with the human element to avoid substituting real dick and pussy with rubber and silicone!