The vagina is a complex part of human anatomy. It is also a source of sexual pleasure like no other part of the human body. The biggest problem is there are lots of misconceptions when it comes to the vagina. It can affect casual sex, casual relationships, or even long-term relationships. The biggest of those misconceptions certainly has to be about the vagina tightness. It has resulted in a lot of business for companies that claim they can make it tighter. Before we get to whether you can get your vagina tight, let’s first understand if it can get loose.

Can Your Vagina Get “Loose”?

You have probably heard about the claim that having a lot of sex will eventually make your vagina “loose”. It is quite common in backpage and craigslist chat rooms. It is quite a popular belief that has existed for centuries. Is it true? Well, if you were scared that all the sex or solo action you were having might eventually result in your vagina becoming “loose”, then we are the bearers of good news. There is no scientific proof that a lot of sex or using a sex toy can result in getting loose. It does not answer the initial question, though we are getting to it right away.

The question of whether your vagina can get loose has not been answered completely. Yet, the answer is yes. We have already established that there is no such thing as a loose vagina as a result of sex. It is elastic: once something gets in through it, it will retain back to its original shape. Although sex won’t result in your vagina getting loose, certain things will make for it. We will be looking at those.

“Loose” Vagina

Certain life processes can result in your vagina losing elasticity temporarily or gradually. These are childbirth and aging.

Vaginal Childbirth

Vaginal childbirth is one of the life processes that can result in changes in the vaginal canal. According to a childbirth expert Dr. Dweck, after childbirth, things might not get back to normal. In her own words, “A 10-pound baby could pass through the vagina, and although things may not go back to 100% the same after that, they sure go back to almost normal”.  The canal will most likely be widened, and for your partner, in the first few days, the vagina might feel a little loose. The good news, though, is that the childbirth effects are not permanent, and in a few months, your vagina is most likely going to get back to its normal shape and feel.

Aging and Vagina Tightness

Another thing that will alter your vagina shape is aging. As you grow older, the estrogen release will decrease, and it will have several effects. You might have thought that with age, your vagina becomes loose. Well, it does not. As you age, it will eventually become less elastic, and your vaginal canal will become narrower. It can be attributed to low hormone production levels.

Tight Might Not Be Right

Although there is some sort of consensus that a tighter-fitting vagina is sexier and provides a certain degree of pleasure, it might not mean everything is right. A vagina that is too tight might be a signal for a medical condition and result in sex being too uncomfortable for your partner. As you age, due to low estrogen levels, your vagina might be too tight and under lubricated. The lack of lubrication and the narrow canal might offer please for your partner, but on the flip side, it might make sex painful for you.

How to Get It Tight

There are a lot of available remedies for people who want their vaginas to feel “tighter”. Some of them prove to be working. Others, well, do not work as advertised. The solutions range from medical, physical, cosmetic, and some – even spiritual reasons. These are some of the touted methods available that are said to provide that tightness you crave. Do they work? Let’s find out!

how to get your vagina tight

Cosmetic Solutions

Many creams claim to make your vagina as tight as it was when you were a virgin. There are lots of these cosmetic solutions, and people are making loads of money from selling them. The bad news might be these creams do not work. According to Mary Minkins, a medical doctor, no cream can make a vagina tighter. It comes from a medical expert at Yale – we can’t dispute it. If you ever feel the urge to use any of these creams, try to avoid them because they will not do your vagina any good.


If you are looking for a tightening solution that works, then surgery is the way for you. Several forms of surgery will make your vagina feel tighter and, well, ”rejuvenated”. Rejuvenation surgery involves the tightening of the vaginal canal walls. It is done by injection of collagen and other substances. Alternatively, you can opt for the revirgination surgery that reconstructs the hymen. If you thought you would never feel like a virgin again, you were wrong. Surgery is quite expensive and, in rare cases, can result in some side effects. Try to consult your physician first before deciding on surgery.

Exercise and Diet

You are only as good as what you eat. It is true, especially for your vagina. There is a strong link between what you eat and how tight your vagina is. It is why it is essential to consume food that will ensure your body is healthy. Probiotics and green tea are important, and you should try to incorporate them into your diet.

Kegel exercises have been proven to work extremely well for things like vagina tightness. Try to get a trainer who is an expert, and you will not go wrong. The best part is there are lots of tutorials online too.

Sometimes the reason why the sex is not exciting might not be your vagina. Get your partner to try out different sex positions. If he is not blessed with size, there are certain methods for penis enlargement that might help.

Final Thought

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