Pleasure is one of the main goals when it comes to sex. Whether it is some casual sex or a long-term relationship, an orgasm is something everyone definitely wants to get as a result of any sexual intercourse. Here, we have compiled a collection of the best sex positions specifically for women that are super pleasurable and guaranteed to get you there if executed properly!

Positioning during sex is everything. We can never overemphasize the truth it brings out. There are hundreds of sex positions: classic, weird, athletic, and others… When coupled with the best sex positions for men, you can rest assured that everyone leaves the encounter satisfied to the core! With the perfect positions, sex can be quite a mind-blowing experience (it’s already explosive, it can only get better). The good thing about the variety that is available when it comes to sex is that there are positions that can guarantee pleasure specifically for women, which is our focus for this short piece.

So, What Are Female Favorite Sex Positions?

Remember, not all women are the same, and this is one thing that we should understand: no position is perfect for every woman on the earth. As such, you may want to experiment around with these positions until you find your sweet spot. Get yourself a patient partner from the Wickedlist dating website and experiment away wherever you are in the US! No matter your age, shape, or size, one thing we can promise is that you will find the perfect position for you. Let’s get it rolling. New to sex and still experimenting? Be sure to also check out the perfect sex beginner’s guide before you jump in!

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Doggy Style

Our first pick is the doggy style. You might know this, probably have used it a couple of times. If you have not, you need to try it. Doggy style is one of the best sex positions out there. See why dogs are regarded as man’s best friend?

How to Do This Sex Position

The first thing you need to do is to get on your hands and knees. Once you are on your knees, let your partner kneel behind you and hold your hips. Once the position is set, your partner can thrust forward or backward. The thrusting is the important part, and you can help your partner by thrusting forwards and backward too.

Why Doggy

Well, when it comes to penetration, no position does it better than doggy. Doggy allows for very deep stimulation. It means that there is direct g-spot stimulation, which is one of the main factors that are required to reach orgasm. If you are one of those people that like to be submissive during sex, nothing does it better than doggy style. If penetration alone fails to get you to your final destination, you can always easily jump to clitoral stimulation. Doggy allows you to use a sex toy or your hands to stimulate your clitoris. It means there is absolutely no way you can go doggy and fail to get an orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl, What Differs It from Other Sex Positions

One of the main reasons why positions, where women are on top, are getting more and more popular is because it is one of the quickest ways to make women cum. It is not just us speaking; science can back us on this one.

How It Works

Your partner sits with his hands on the ground or the bed for support. You sit on top of your partner facing their feet and then insert their penis in your vagina. Once the position is set, get straight to the thrusting, your partner can hold your hips or even better your boobs.

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Why Reverse It?

Reverse cowgirl gives your partner a chance to easily penetrate you and get a feel of your nipples (one of the most sensitive parts of the female body). It coupled up with some really good penetration can lead to quite an explosive orgasm. The only downside is, well, when the orgasm does come through, you and your partner would not be facing each other.

CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

The name might sound a little cloggy and a little too technical, but the experience is quite the opposite. CAT is a go-to position if you want to get a definite orgasm out of any sex session.

How to Do It

Start in a missionary position. It means your partner is on top. Once they are on top, let them push their upper body upwards towards your head. Once they are in a perfect position, they can start penetration. For this position, your partner should focus more on grinding rather than thrusting.

Why It Works as One of Orgasmic Sex Positions

This position allows your partner’s pelvic bone to stimulate your clitoris, allowing you to easily reach orgasm. The good thing about this position again is the fact that it is very simple to perform. You do not need to physically strain yourself to get that orgasm. The fact that there is quite a significant amount of eye contact makes the entire experience rather more intimate, and in a way, we can’t even describe on paper.

Licking Master

Yep, penetration is not the only road down the orgasm street. Oral sex is probably the most stimulating form of sex, and licking master can easily rank as one of the best positions when it comes to oral sex.

How to Perform It

To get down on the licking master, you sit on the edge of a chair and place your hand behind the seat. It will tilt your body back a bit, and the other hand is placed on the knee. One of your legs touches the ground whilst your other leg is on the chair to effectively expose your vagina.

Your partner kneels in front of the chair and your vagina, they place one hand on your clitoris and the other on your boob. Once the position is set, your partner can then whirlwind your vagina, using their tongue and lips whilst the other hand works on the clitoris. Your partner can as well use their tongue to stimulate your clitoris.

Why It Works

Clitoral stimulation works, and that is exactly why women love it! The fact that your tongue is sensitive makes it the perfect tool for vaginal stimulation. The only downside of licking master is that when the orgasm finally comes, you might be overridden and fall from the chair, just be careful.

Ready to try these out and experience the sex pleasure to the fullest? Sex is exciting, and nothing makes it more worthwhile than constantly spicing it up. Whether you are a woman seeking a man or woman, try it out! Wickedlist offers you the best shot at finding the perfect partner that will explore and experiment with you. Sign up for free today and unlock lots of local dating potentials!