No one wants bad sex, that’s a given – whether it’s casual sex or not. We all crave for passionate sex as it makes us feel alive, it’s exciting and improves our health! Sex in its entirety is often misunderstood, and as a result, many people end up having pretty nasty and downright boring sexual experiences. One element of good sex is the sex position. This is one area in which (both men and women) have limited knowledge as they are at times afraid to explore. As an individual, you should find out which are the best sex positions FOR YOU!!

Why Good Sex Matters

It’s a public secret that over time, our sex lives eventually begin to deteriorate. We’re busy, we’re exhausted, and sometimes, if we’re being truthful, we’re maybe a little unexcited. There’s no shame in admitting all this. It happens, usually, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship for quite a while with your partner. Researchers in the field continue to prove that a lack of variation between the sheets is one huge reason why the frequency in sexual activity starts to decline. Trying a few new sex positions can bring the spark back to the bedroom, or car, or your garden shed – hey, whatever get you going. It will feel thrilling, and you might have a whole new experience. However, good sex starts with having good communication and a healthy relationship with your partner.

Notice to Men (and Women) Reading This. Where to Look for Best Sex Positions?

This list is by no means exhaustive or set in stone. The sex positions listed here might or might not work for you, and this is affected by several reasons such as age and body size. The article should help you explore the various sex positions and find out which ones are the best sex positions for you. It’s also essential to communicate with your partner what you enjoy so that both of you have a great sexual experience.

The Kama Sutra is often a great place to start; try out the different sex positions and make note of the ones you enjoy. This will definitely build the intimacy between you and your partner and possibly reinvigorate your sex life and bring back some romance if it was waning. It will be embarrassing and a bit awkward at first since you’ll be getting out of your comfort zone, but with time, some practice, and open communication, you will find the best sex positions for you and your partner.

As always, stay safe and make sure you take all the necessary precautions during these Covid-19 times as there will be an exchange of bodily fluids during your romps in between the sheets, especially if you don’t live in with your partner.

Take Your Best Sex Positions

Missionary – Best Sex Position for Anyone

This classic man-on-top sex position is comfortable, easy, and gets the job done. Men love it as they get to be in a domineering position and give some deep thrusts. It’s also a good position to read her facial expressions and build some intimacy as you lock gazes. To make it more exciting, there are several variations to this position that you will enjoy. She can spread her legs wider in mid-air for a deeper thrust. She can wrap her legs around his hips for more intimacy. He can position himself higher than usual and instead of thrusting, grind his pelvis up and down in a rocking motion.

What makes missionary a great sex position is that anyone can do it. It is suited for all ages and body types. The variations are a great way to enhance pleasure and avoid monotony. Whether it’s for casual sex or not, this is a great position to get you warmed up.

Doggy-Style – Time to Experiment

Another dominating position for men that brings enhanced pleasure for both males and females. In this sex position, men have greater control over how deep the thrust is. Hold her by the hips, with her chest on the bed for deeper penetration. With this position, he also gets better access to her g-spot for some intense pleasure. Both of you can kneel on the bed, or she can kneel at the edge of the bed while he stands. This position is also great for every guy who loves seeing and playing with her ass, and the pleasure for both partners make it one of the classic best sex positions to try. There aren’t many variations with this one, but it’s a staple for those looking for g-spot stimulation and mind-blowing orgasms.

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Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl – Best Sex Positions for Lazy Guys

This position is great when the man wants to take a breather and see his woman working that stroke game. Think of it as a missionary, but with her on top. Men love it since, in this position, she gets to pleasure and play with the man while at the same instance, he can thrust as hard or gently as he wants from under her by simply pulling her down and closer to his chest. She controls how deep the penetration is and can ride him at an angle to get to the g-spot. He can maneuver his hands to her clitoris for all-round stimulation, and both partners get extreme pleasure and control. She can also pin his hands down for total domination. This is another good sex position suited for everyone.

The reverse cowgirl is also an easy option to try out, but it is more suited to leaner and flexible body types. It also requires some lower body strength (for her) as she does most of the grinding. It’s another great sex position if you love seeing her ass. You will both feel the sensation of a tighter penetration. Watching her take control can be a thrilling experience, and while she’s calling the shots, he will relish the view from an entirely new position. While on top, she can ride him, using her arms and legs for support. Pace yourselves though, this position can take more out of you than you’ve ever imagined.

Lap Dance – Invite Her to Take a Seat

Take the pleasure out of the bed and try something totally new. The lap dance sex position is so intimate and erotic. It will take your sexcapades to a new level. Find a sturdy and comfortable chair with no armrests and revel in each other’s body. As he sits on the chair, she can either face him and straddle or turn her back and use his thighs for support. It’s like having a lap dance with a happy ending, and he has the opportunity to be very hands-on. From this position, he can play her nipples, neck, and back, all of which are erogenous spots. You can try out some of the position’s variations for increased pleasure and unmatched orgasms.

Spooning – Best Sex Position for Couples

Nothing makes you feel closer or wanted by your partner more than spooning, especially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship; so why not add some penetration in the process? It’s a very romantic and passionate position that will rock both your worlds. From this sex position, it’s easy to reach her clitoris, nipples, and other erogenous areas. Also, feeling her ass on your pelvis as you thrust in and out will leave you wanting more. It’s a great position to start the day as you’re still lying in bed.

It’s not easy maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sex life, but these positions, coupled with a really sensual environment will elevate and keep it blazing and everyone satisfied. Don’t have someone to test out all these amazing sex positions? Visit the Wickedlist dating website today and find the perfect partner for that!