An essential area of a couple’s relationship and their wellbeing is very well dependent on healthy sex life. The importance of intimacy and love cannot be put aside, and if not addressed properly, the issue can lead to the destruction of the whole relationship. That’s why a couple should work hard together to improve their sex life if some issues are detected.

Struggle to Improve Sex Life? Bethink of How It All Starts

You must get flashbacks of your first date with your partner. The excitement, the butterflies, calling all night, texting one another. The love was new, you, guys, were inseparable. The passion was pure, and the intimacy feels real. You two were happy. Five/ten/twenty years apart, the situation might have changed a little. If nothing has changed for you, then your bond is admirable. But if you feel like that spark is not ignited anymore, below are 10 things you should consider if you want to increase the level of intimacy, improve the sex life, and bring back understanding between you and your partner.

What Should You Do to Save Your Relationship?

  1. Taking care of yourself, regulating your sleep and your diet is essential for you to have sound mental and physical health. For instance, if I act drowsy all the time, and my eating habits are crap, I would be too grumpy to show compassion and love. Sufficing the food desire and needs of the body with healthy food can also be a great initiative that can lead to better sex life. Some special food like nuts, fruits, green vegetables, and fish can be very helpful as they are rich in omega and fatty acids.
  2. Cut down alcohol consumption. Long-term use of cigarettes and alcohol can lead to sexual dysfunction. For men, it can cause premature ejaculations and other issues like low sex desire, etc. While for women, it can decrease genital response and also the physical arousal. Reducing drinking and smoking can be a great way of prevention from addictions, and, at the same time, it can resolve many of the relationship issues.

    Don’t Forget to Interact with Them

  3. Allocate 5-10 minutes of your time having a conversation with your partner. Ask them about their day, tell them about yours. You, guys, should be focused completely on each other, this develops understanding, and you regain “that” connection. Bedtime is the perfect time to do this, pillow talk is your way to their heart. If you have had a quarrel or misunderstanding recently, confront the issue head-on. So the first and foremost thing is to sit and discuss so that the issue can come up. Talking about the fantasies of each other and then experimenting with them can lead to the improvement of sex life and overall relationship.
  4. Like me, you probably hate doing chores, especially cleaning up and doing the dishes, but if you see your partner doing the dishes, get up and help them out, don’t sit on your butt and watch TV. If your man is taking out the trash, be eager to help him. Enjoy these little things with them, you can interact and connect more this way. Your chores will not be a problem for you either.

    Be Attentive to Them

  5. Doing random acts of kindness for them will increase the level of respect and affection they have for you. Buy them a box of chocolates, some flowers, a little love note, anything that makes them feel special. The element of surprise adds to compassion.
  6. Be aware of your partner’s interests and try making them your own. Show them that you care about their hobbies. This directly reflects that you value them.
  7. There are times when you feel low, and things go wrong, but that does not mean that you stop trying. Live your life to the fullest with your partner. Wear that dark shade of lipstick, get the manicure done, buy yourself the pair of shoes, groom yourself. You will feel better about yourself, and your partner will notice that you are putting in an effort.improve sex life

    Now What’s of the Utmost Importance for Sex Life

  8. The power of touching is very strong. Human craves for the need of touch. Many studies have proved that a special hormone is released with the touch that controls your blood pressure. Touching and cuddles release hormones that help you snuggle with each other. Touching several times a day can lead to improving sex and intimacy and good relationships. Yet, keep in mind that touch and physical closeness are subjective, some people like being touched, and others are annoyed by it. You know better what your partner likes. Cuddle with them a little here and there, don’t miss opportunities to hold hands and touch the shoulder or legs as a sign of comfort. Give them a gentle massage on their backs, make them feel appreciated. A little kiss on the cheek or forehead won’t do any harm.
  9. Practice Kegel exercises. These are the top exercises both for men and women to improve their sexual health and boost their pleasure as well. This exercise helps you have an intense and long orgasm. Some of the benefits are:
  • cures premature ejaculation;
  • reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction;
  • helps in having a stronger erection;
  • lowers the risk of prostate cancer.
  1. Be playful. Sex should not be taken as serious stuff. It should be extremely playful and enjoyable. The couple might indulge in some games and fun, which eventually would lead them to intimacy. In fact, couples should exercise together; it boosts their romantic relationship, improves their sex life, and gives health benefits as well.

    Ready to Move to Practice? It’s Not That Complicated to Improve Sex with Your Other Half

Now that you have regained that connection with your significant other, it is time for you to set the mood. Don’t rush, don’t tear your clothes apart and get it on. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a couple of perfectly lit scented candles, some sexy lingerie for the mistress, a silk bedsheet, and a jazzy tune playing in the background. Try pillow talking, this builds that pre-sex connection with your partner, the last step before wild sexual intercourse. Try different positions, more foreplay, and different locations, anything that innovates the whole experience. Not only are your partner’s physical and emotional needs being met this way, but also you both are experiencing and exploring new things together. Regaining lost passion is a gradual process; you both have to be sensitive to each other’s needs if you want to keep the spark alive.

Couples can get their lost flame of passion back by adapting to these changes and can spend a healthy and joyful time. If nothing works, but you still believe in your relationship and are ready to improve your sex life, then try talking to a doctor – sexologist, psychologist, or therapist.

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