Porn has pretty much molded us into believing that sexual pleasure is centered on how big the penis is. It is not wrong in any way: everyone is allowed to think exactly what they want to think. However, in recent years, it has resulted in most people trying to get an upgrade. The big question, though, is: Can it be done? If it is possible, just how big can your penis get? We have answers to all these questions.

How Big Is Big?

The first thing that we need to look at is the fact that how big is BIG when it comes to penises. There is a common misconception about how big an average penis is. It can be attributed to some lies spread in backpage and craigslist chatrooms. Some outliers have dongs that are quite humongous, and porn tends to mainly focus on this selected group. You might be glad to know that most men tend to have pretty much similar penis sizes.

According to NCBI, the average erected American male penis is about 6 inches in length, about 15.2 cm. In the United States of America, only about 17% of men have a 7-inch penis or bigger, which means that there are only a few men with a penis that is larger than six inches. Now, you want to know if you can get it larger, right? Well, we get to that part right away.

Can You Enlarge Your Penis?

The question is quite complex and does not have one clear answer. There are dozens of methods that are touted to work and give your positive results. The truth is: although some ways work, some are just straight-out scams. We will be taking a look at the most popular methods and see if they work or are pure fiction. Penis size can sometimes determine whether you will have a long-term relationship, or it will end up with just one-time casual sex. If they work, we will be looking at how far they can go and how much time you need to grow your penis to your required size.

how to make penis bigger

Pills, Supplements, and Lotions

It has to be by far the most advertised product when it comes to penis enlargement. The marketing of these products is massive, and it’s tempting to try them out. There are dozens of different creams, pills, and other forms of supplements. Although they are touted to work magic, the truth is they do not work. According to a medical expert, Dr. Bermley, penis enlargement creams and pills are nothing but nonsense. Other doctors like Seth Coden, who is a urologist in New York, share the same views. In a post on Getroman, he highlighted that there are no supplements available that can grow your penis.

The best these supplements can do is make you erect faster or give you a firmer erection and nothing more. There is no scientific evidence that proves that these supplements and creams can result in an enlarged penis. It might be the main reason why the marketing is in a way aggressive. These pills and supplements mostly contain vitamins and hormones. If you have medical problems already, these supplements, creams, and pills might result in more problems for you. There is a need to consult your doctor if you do decide to go against our advice to make sure you do not end up in the emergency room.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Amongst the available “penis enlargement” ways available, it seems pretty much to be the easiest and most efficient method. It makes use of a pump-like structure to draw blood to the penis. The more blood in the penis, the bigger the penis gets. The truth is if you use a vacuum pump, your penis will look and feel bigger. The only catch is that the effect is not permanent, rather it’s temporary, and you have to repeat the “pumping” every time you have sex. It is the downside to using a vacuum pump, but the results are somewhat pleasing. You have to know that the most you can gain are about three-quarters of an inch. It might not be the size upgrade you wanted, but it is something at least.

Using vacuum pumps repeatedly can result in erectile dysfunction, and chances are your erections will progressively get weaker. It is not good overall, but if you are concerned about size, then go for it.

Penis Stretching

It might seem absurd, but it is an existing penis enlargement method. Some trainers are paid to help you get this done, though, you will mostly require to stretch your penis eight hours daily for at least six months. The biggest let-down, though, is that even after all that work, the biggest increase you can get is only about half an inch. If you are dedicated and willing to do anything for that half-inch, then we recommend that you go for it. There are a lot of medical risks that come with penis stretching. The most common one is ruptured blood vessels.


The most effective method of penis enlargement has to be surgery. This method is performed by experienced professionals and is most likely the best method available. During penis surgery, you can either lengthen or widen your penis. Fat or silicone can be implanted into the penis to help you achieve the size you want. There is not much improvement, though, if you decide to lengthen, but you will gain some size. With widening, you can have quite a huge jump. With advances in the medical industry, the methods are bound to get better.

The main drawback to this method is that it is quite expensive, and it is not pretty easy to find. Several side effects include reduced sensitivity and scarring.

Winding Up

So, once again, we ask – is penis enlargement myth or fact? The answer, in most cases, is that it is nothing more than fiction. In the few instances that it works, the results are not that pleasing. Should you do it? If you firmly believe that it will make you feel better, then go for it.

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