The widespread use of the internet in all life aspects has definitely improved the way we interact as a society. However, this digital craze has also brought about its pitfalls. People no longer go ‘out and about’ to interact physically, and the fervor of meeting new people in real life has been shifted to mere online interaction through social media, dating apps, etc. Now, is this online interaction sufficient to quiet down our need for companionship? Heck no! We all still want to get frequently asked on dates, go out, meet interesting people physically, and maybe get to have a day out with our perfect match companion in some romantic setup!

Don’t get it twisted, however. These digital means of communication have brought us some amazing online dating sites and a lot of high-tech that enables men looking for women (and vice versa) to expedite their hunt, as well as helping those lovebirds who are miles apart to sustain their long-term relationships.

Dating websites have also broadened the ‘hunting grounds’ for those looking for their perfect match, enabling many couples to find love despite distance barriers. In spite of this, some people may still struggle to develop a meaningful connection that can lead to a date. If you happen to be one of those, then you just might be glad to know that there are several ways to improve on that.  Let’s take a quick look at how you can get frequently asked on dates.

Why Bother Going on Dates Anyway?

Before we jump into our tips, it’s worth noting that many people give up the search for their perfect match. Online dating sites mostly end up being used for casual dating, nothing serious like long-term relationships. However, it’s actually scientifically proven that stable relationships are healthy for us. They boost our self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and even improve our health! So, never give up on your quest to find love! Trust me, there are millions of other love-seeking amazing people out there on various online dating sites, and your patience will eventually pay off! Getting asked out on dates, or asking someone out, is the first key step in getting yourself a stable long-term relationship based on sustained mutual interest rather than focusing only on casual flings.

Be the Person You’d Want to Ask Out

It’s easy to make up a list of the qualities that you want your partner to have. Women seeking men (and vice versa) often have a torrent of features on their list. Of course, there’s really nothing wrong with having preferences, but the million-dollar question is: Are you also dateable? Do you also possess some great qualities like the ones that you are expecting from your potential dates?

Now, we all know the qualities that people generally find attractive: from good hygiene, respectful behavior, to a considerate disposition. No matter how unique each person is, these qualities remain critical for the success of any date. Remember, the same way that you are looking for certain qualities from your online dates is the same way they are also looking for those qualities in you! By demonstrating such qualities, you automatically become ‘dateable’, and you will surely get frequently asked on dates! These ‘date do’s and don’ts’ here will help to ensure you don’t put off your date.

Wondering how you can truly show off good qualities? Well, the easiest way is to behave the way that you expect your date to. There are also a lot of ways to show off your good side when chatting with someone, whether on online dating sites, on the phone, or via messages. Ask about their day, say some sweet stuff like complimenting their pics and voice, show concern when they share their sad stories or how they’ve had a bad day. Be the cheer-bringer, throw in some jokes. All in all, be the person you’d want to spend time with!

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Don’t Constrain Yourself and Be Open

One of the most common mistakes that people make when on dates is limiting themselves to a certain type of person. If there’s one thing that people can always pick on, it’s being fake! Why? Simply because you’re bound to get distracted, and your true colors will show through and scare your date away! Similarly, don’t limit your dating pool on these online dating sites by being rigid. Instead, you should be open to all kinds of personalities. You never know you might end up liking what you see and experience!
Even if you have preferences, don’t just reject someone who doesn’t fall into your set criterion. The belief of soul mates is just a fancy way of not expressing your willingness towards people you wouldn’t normally go for. Be open to love and diverse personalities so that you can boost your dating prospects.

Keep Dating!

As mentioned earlier, your success in this dating game relies heavily on your persistence. Don’t give up on dating if you’re not getting the desired results.  Keep making use of all these abundant free dating apps and websites. Having a stagnant dating life can be very detrimental to you. Think of it like horse riding. Whenever you fall, you have to dust yourself up and get back on the horse, otherwise, you’ll never learn to ride! Quitting the dating attempts will make you lose touch, and your loneliness will only deepen. If you’re not up for something serious, opt for casual dates instead so that you stay connected with people and improve your interaction skills.

Since finding love is the ultimate goal, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of practice along the way. If you go on dates continuously, you’ll learn to compromise, be more reasonable, and the boundaries necessary when interacting with people. Check out these useful dating tips to get you started if you’re having trouble finding people to hang out with. By the time the right person comes along, you’re all ready to go!

Make the First Step!

Last but certainly not least, making the first move can help you to get frequently asked on dates! This is the 21stcentury, after all, abandon all those traditional norms and beliefs about gender roles and who should do what or when! If you’re feeling a connection and the right vibe when chatting to someone on a dating site or elsewhere, ask them out! You can check out this list of cool ideas for daytime dates so that you have an amazing first-date plan in broad daylight since many people are usually too scared to meet-up for the first time at night.

Now, if you’re the shy type or perhaps want to play it a bit cool, you can throw some powerful yet subtle hints that you’re definitely up for a date. Sometimes, people hesitate to ask you out because they’re simply not sure about how you will react. As such, it’s very important to make it clear that you’re down for a meet-up date. Wondering how? When chatting, throw some hints like: ‘…I’ll show you/or tell you that on our date’. This can be about a tattoo that you want to show them or a story that you want to tell them, and it shows that you’re already cool with the idea of hanging out!

Want to Get Frequently Asked on Dates? Then, Look for the Right Partner!

Surely, these four tips should get you frequently asked on dates!  Just try them out and see the magic! You’ll soon be having more date requests than you can handle. A great place to start would be on some of the popular online dating sites like WickedList. There, you get to meet lots of like-minded people eager to make lasting connections and plan the first date. Also, don’t forget to check out these cool outfit tips for your first date so that you look your best on the day. Good luck!