We are all dying to go on a date, to feel special, specifically to have somebody make us feel special. Thankfully, online dating makes it a lot easier. Now, the picture-perfect dates are often depicted as night-time dates, with candlelight dinners and a stroll in the park at dusk. So, what happens if your date tells you they are only free during the day? Is that the end of the world for your dating life? After all, these Hollywood night-time dates’ depictions, it may indeed seem as if there’s no fun to be had during daytime dates at all!

Did your online date suggest a daytime meet-up? Heed not the disparaging comment about how bad they are, calm yourself down, and repeat after me: “Daytime dating is bad only in myths”. You can still make your meeting with your partner a sweet romantic time whatever time you choose to hang out! It also doesn’t matter if it’s a casual date or the start of a long term relationship, daytime dates will always work to your advantage! In this piece, we are going to explore some of the ways how you can make your daytime time absolutely enjoyable. If you’re not a man of many words, these helpful tips will help you kick-start the conversation.

Daytime vs. Nighttime Dates: Which is better for my love life?

Before we dig into the many ways you can enjoy your daytime dates, let’s take a minute to consider which time of the day is best when you’re looking to find love. The simple answer to this never-ending debate is that it doesn’t matter. The timing of the date is of very little or no importance when it comes to its success or failure. What matters is the effort made by both parties to make time for each other and create quality memories together! So stay confident when prowling on those casual date sites or perhaps when trying online dating, whatever time your date is free, you’ve got this! Don’t forget to read up on some tips to avoid ruining your relationship so that everything goes smoothly!

You know how we’re so sure that the time of day is of very little consequence? Many couples that meet on online dating sites have failed to enjoy their dates at night while, in contrast, many couples have had awesome dates in broad daylight and went on to commit to each other, that’s why! As such, the timing had nothing to do with it. Still not convinced? Well, there are dozens of benefits that come with daytime dates. For instance, the natural daylight will work great for your cute selfies!

For the descendants of Dracula who always go for nighttime dates, you don’t know what you’re missing! If you happen to be one of those vampires human, now is the time to face the day, get out of your comfort zone, and experience the wonders of meeting your perfect match in broad daylight! All you need is a bit of confidence, a big-ole smile, and you’re ready to sweep your casual date(or committed one) off his/her feet! Once you succeed on those first few dates, be sure to watch out for the signs that can help you to evaluate exactly how well or bad you’re doing.

Date Ideas for Daytime Meetings: The perfect start to your long term / casual fling!

Now that we’ve dispelled that silly myth for good, let’s look at some cool ideas for daytime dating that can sweep your partner off his/her feet. In this modern era of emancipation, gender equality, dating apps, and all that, choosing a date idea or venue is no longer reserved for any gender. As such, don’t hesitate to suggest any of these date ideas to your potential lover or dating app match. If you’re thinking of going dancing on that first date, you might want to read this snippet on first-date dancing. I can assure you that you won’t regret it!

daytime dates

  • Plan a picnic.

One of the most traditionally romantic and entirely successful date ideas for day time is to take your partner out for a picnic. It’s easily one of the most effective starts to the best long term relationship you will ever have. The cool, fresh air of the open outdoors will surely set the perfect mood, and your chances to impress your date are super high. Just imagine them sitting in front of you with sunlight shining in their face. There’s laughter around you, and you’re eating cheese and bread out of the fancy basket! The sun and the delicacies will surely lower both your guards down, and, before you know it, you’ll be engulfed in a passionate, sweet kiss that will definitely seal the deal……wink-wink!

  • A classic lunch date.

No date is ever complete without food. The best dates are always planned around some sort of meal or snack. As such, you can never go wrong with a classic lunch. Eating out with your partner or your potential date is one of the best ways to spend time with them. You get to know the person’s favorite dishes, dislikes, food allergies, and tableside manners all at once! It is, therefore, a great start to know someone whether for a long term relationship or just for casual dating. In fact, eating together is one of the most common long term relationship advice you will ever get because: ‘couples that eat together, stay together!’ After all, you don’t want to commit to someone and then realize too late that they enjoy picking their nose, right?

  • Go biking.

Physical activities between casual dating couples or committed ones shouldn’t just be for the bedroom. While a gym may seem too casual for someone that you’re getting to know, riding bicycles can be quiet fun, and all that adrenaline rush is going to work in your favor. Biking can be a great activity for your first date if your partner enjoys some physical action and a bit of the outdoors. There are so many options for you here, you can opt for city riding or perhaps a scenic mountain trail in the countryside. Whichever way, the experience will be special and a great start to your relationship. Remember to bring some snacks and lots of water to stay well hydrated!

  • Go to the zoo.

If you are looking to woo your date by diluting your date with a few surprises and a healthy dose of cuteness, take them to the zoo. Not only is your date going to be impressed by your love for animals, but you’re going to be the reason for your date to see some pretty cute species, which they will automatically associate with you, and, trust me, that will always work in your favor! However, be sure to investigate your potential date a bit about which kind of animals they like (if they like animals at all!) so that you can pick the right kind of zoo for your first date!

  • Theme park roller coaster ride.

Nothing boosts the success of a date’s odds more than a bit of thrill and adventure. What better way to achieve that thrill than with a heart-wrenching roller coaster ride at our nearest theme park. The rumble tumble of the ride will probably freak you both a bit, which is the perfect opportunity to grab onto each other and shriek together. That closeness will surely get rid of any awkwardness and improve your physical-contact comfort levels. I dare you to go for it!

Pro tip: please don’t eat a heavy meal before the ride just in case it makes you feel like throwing up. Instead, go for the ride first, then eat afterward.

All these given tips will surely set you off to a great start with your partner. Whether you’re looking for a long term relationship or a casual date, you will still need to impress your date on the first occasion. Remember to make an effort to look your best and behave like a civilized human. Of course, don’t let that stifle your inner self, being yourself will help to make the whole experience feel natural and less strenuous.

Also, keep your partner involved by asking them about their day and life or chatting about yours, but don’t overdo it! Always remember, this isn’t your choice only at a love life, the attraction and interest have to be mutual, so stay confident and patient until you meet the right one. Lastly, whatever activity you choose, it better be fun so that you can all enjoy, not something that makes any party tense, stress, or make you sweat. Happy hunting!

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