It’s quite hard to judge whether you have found your long-term future partner or not early in the relationship but things do start to get clearer and less hazy by the fifth date. It gives you sufficient time to look over the choice you’ve made and think again about the person you’ve chosen to invest your time in. People may argue that the third date is a better time for reflecting on your decision but because it is usually the date when you take things under the sheet, you’re blinded by the newly found physical attraction and it can make it difficult for you to reach a verdict about your partner.

The question remains of what you should exactly look for to help you make a well thought out decision? Luckily we have the answer for you:

Ask yourself whether or not you’re having fun with the person you’re dating. If they are boring you so early on in your relationship then there is a great probability that they won’t become fun out of the blue. They don’t necessarily have to be a part animal but just fun to hang out with.

There’s no point in pretending to be someone you’re not with the person you’re dating because you have to drop that mask at some point along the relationship. By the fifth date it gets exhausting to keep up with a personality you don’t have and you start showing your true self. Hence, by that time it is easier to judge whether you want to continue with the relationship or not.

In the first dates, it’s normal to have the small and generic conversations about your lifestyles but by the fifth one the conversations should be coming to you more naturally. If you don’t see that happening then the sad truth is that you just don’t have many similarities and there’s not much you have to talk about. You don’t need to be interested in all the same things but you need to have some common interests to share and discuss which can sustain your relationship.

With common areas of interest, you should also have shared values and morals. By the fifth date you have enough conversations to judge what moral does someone has and whether they have credibility. It’s important for both of you to share knowledge of where the line stands between right and wrong or your time together in the future will face many complications whenever you come across a moral dilemma.

One of the most important characteristics a person should possess is humility. You should feel comfortable sharing your deepest secrets, flaws and vulnerabilities with the person you plan to spend the future with. Both of you need to share this trait and recognize it in each other so you don’t mistakenly commit to a person who emerges as an arrogant and egoistic person. Having a down-to-earth person by your side as a support will bring satisfaction and compassion in your life.

So, a fifth date is neither too early to judge someone nor too late that you can’t back out. It’s just the right time to make one of the most crucial decisions in life and if you see any red flags don’t feel shy to walk away and move on because you will regret not doing it later in time.