If you feel your sex game is a little rusty, then you are definitely in the right place. Sex continues to evolve, and with dozens of terms being coined almost every day to keep up with all the emerging trends, it can be pretty difficult to stay on top of the sex game. Online dating has become one of the best means for people to express themselves sexually. Besides, without online dating sites, most of the popular sex trends now would have been stillborn. In this article, we are going to equip you with everything you need to know about all things popular in sex: your sex life will never be the same again!

Social Mindfulness

Our first pick is social mindfulness. You must have probably come across the term in other areas that might not have anything to do with sex, but trust us, it means more when it comes to sex. Social mindfulness is the ability to direct focus to a certain activity to allow yourself to mentally and physically immerse yourself in the process. It can be achieved through meditation and yoga.

Social mindfulness brings a whole new dynamic to sex. It allows you to have sex without judging your sexual prowess or your partner. It allows you to fully immerse in the act and, as a result, get a full-blown orgasm that is, let’s just say, explosive. The orgasm is worth all the mental training, and if you are willing to experience sexual pleasure that is both intense and intimate, social mindfulness is one thing you might need to add to your sex life. Social mindfulness might take time to develop, and it works best if your partner is also socially mindful, then it becomes perfect for people in long-term relationships.

social mindfulness as a modern sex trend

Sex Dolls & VR

Imagine amazing sex without all the baggage that comes with a relationship. With technology advancements that are coming through in the world, one of the best things to come out of this is sex dolls. Sex dolls have been there for a long time, but what has changed the game is Virtual Reality.  With the latter, you can have both the sensation of sex and experience it through your virtual headset with surround sound.

Sex dolls have developed, and if you have come across silicone dolls, you can agree with me that sex dolls are so human-like that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, these bots are about to become reactive to both touches and feel to ensure that these sexbots provide the best when it comes to sexual pleasure. With how liberal people have become, sex dolls are now more acceptable, and lifelike perception is one thing that you do not need to worry about. If you are finding it difficult to get a partner to give you some casual sex, don’t worry, the nerds have a perfect solution for you.

IT Sex Trends: Sonic Tech and AI Sex Toys

Sex dolls are not the only thing getting an upgrade. Sex toys have become quite innovative lately as well. A nice thing that might arouse your sexual excitement is the use of sonic technology in didos. This way, your dildo will be able to use sonic waves to stimulate your clitoris as you penetrate. Imagine stimulation and penetration at the same time. Scientists say that the sensation that sonic waves can cause is unbelievable, and we trust them, you should, too.

If you have used vibrators once, you have probably had problems with using buttons or the remote control. With AI dildos, that is one thing you will not have to worry about. You will be able to increase the intensity by tightening your grip on the dildo. You will never have to deal with those buttons ever again.

All Things Oral

Oral sex has been there, and it might not seem like something new, but it is trendy. The best thing about oral sex, especially now, is that there is plenty of knowledge out there, and with all that knowledge, be assured that your oral experience will be both pleasurable and, more importantly, safe. Experimenting with oral sex can be quite fun. The most trendy oral sex technique could easily be sixty-nining. Pleasuring and being pleasured at the same time is really something, and we recommend that you try it as soon as you can. Once you go oral, you will never go back.

how to follow sex trends

Sex Trends that Matter for Gentlemen, Male Pleasure

Male pleasure has somewhat been ignored, but that is about to change, male sex toys are taking the sexual scene by storm. The best thing about male sex toys is the fact that they are simple, and, even better, they are not as expensive as sex dolls. Male sex toys include some prostate massagers. Toys like masturbation sleeves are going to make masturbation more effective and, well, obviously more pleasurable.

Sexual Wellness

One thing that most people have been ignoring for a very long time is sexual health. Sexual health is not only physical. It also has to do with the mental aspect that comes with sexual activity. Sexual health is very essential, and thanks to the internet, people know just how important being healthy means. Sexual wellness has been trending, celebrities and a lot of influential people have been at the forefront of driving the message that has to do with sexual wellness, and it is something you ought to take seriously.

The drive has resulted in the emergence of what is referred to as sex therapy. It is actually a therapy that has to do with sexual wellness. They offer counseling and other sex-related services to ensure that your sex experience is as pleasurable as possible. Stay healthy and stay sexy.

As we wind up, one can never truly keep track of all sex trends out there. However, everybody sure has a way to stay in touch and experience the best of sexual encounters through online dating platforms like Wickedlist where sexy singles are in abundance, always ready to explore the latest trends with you! Sign up for free today and find the perfect partner to start exploring!