Everyone fantasizes about getting the best sexual experience ever… That moment when you climax on an orgasm that makes your whole body tingle and shiver with unimaginable pleasure. It is something every man and woman needs, whether you’re having steamy casual sex with a hookup or copulating in a long-term relationship. Well, there isn’t a better way to get an orgasm than through the male g-spot, one of the least explored yet most sensational pleasure areas for men!

Sexual pleasure is something that almost every man experiences either through masturbation or sex. The most preferable experience being the latter as it involves body contact and kissing. Many people who hear about the male g-spot wonder: “I thought only women have a g-spot”. Well, men do have a G-spot too, except it’s called the P spot. To everyone who enjoys treading on the unbeaten sex paths, buckle up as we focus on how to locate the male G-spot and ways to attain sexual pleasure from it. If you are new to the kinky sex territory, you may want to check out our previous blog on deciding whether it’s for you or not before diving in!

What’s Male G-Spot All about?

The male G-spot also is known as the prostate. It is a gland that develops fairly early during embryo development. It is located inside the body just above the testicles and close to the rectum. Now, the prostate contains just as about the same amount of nerves as the clitoris. This makes it sensitive to pressure. While it’s possible to achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction without it, it is very pleasant for men who are open-minded enough to try stimulating it to gain another level of sexual pleasure. If you’re going to be trying out with your female partner, don’t forget to make her cum too, check out more on how to get her there!

man's orgasm g-spot

Any regular prostate orgasm could be a mind-blowing experience compared to localized orgasm achieved by a penis stimulation. It’s important to understand that stimulation of the male G-spot is less conventional than what most men are used to. That’s why you have to be comfortable and relaxed when you want to try it out. Statistics show that men who’ve tried stimulating the G-spot have actually found it to be intense and extremely gratifying. Here is how you can achieve an absolutely stunning experience from the male G-spot!

  • Relax Your Mind and Feel Comfortable with Your Body and Partner

The first step to achieving any orgasm is to create a safe and comfortable space in your mind. You have to be comfy with your partner, and that includes trusting her or him. The benefits of any long-term relationships could come handy in helping you relax since you already have a certain level of trust invested in the relationship. Keep an open mind and relax your body muscles to enjoy the experience. It’s fairly safe to say whenever you are ready to take the next step.

  • Use Lube to Achieve More Comfortable Experience

Anal penetration could be fairly unpleasant, and using a lubricant could help achieve a smooth penetrative experience. Whichever method to apply, the lube you both prefer would be good to establish intimacy. A lube injector could be more efficient if you don’t feel enthusiastic about using your fingers to apply the lubricant. For casual sex hook-ups, getting that intimate with someone can also be a bit awkward at first!

Slow down breathe and relax when the pressure is applied to your rectum. Contact might feel awkwardly cold and less pleasant at first, but trust your partner and your body, and the process turns out to become an intense experience eventually.

Before penetrating, massage the anus to relax the anal muscles, get comfy with your body, and spread your legs to facilitate smooth and easy access. Anal penetration is a delicate process. So take your time to slow down when you feel you’re going too fast.

When you feel ready after massaging your anus, curl up the finger into the rectum. You don’t have to go further than the length of the finger. Feel the way around exploring your prostate and apply pressure onto it. Whatever amount of pressure feels good for you could just be your ticket to pleasure. The first time could be odd and repulsive. However, after that experience, you will certainly love it. Most men who’ve experienced a prostate orgasm say the trial is worth it!

  • Use Mechanical Prostate Massager

It might be very uncomfortable for your partner to insert their finger into your butt. However, when you are trying this out with your partner, a prostate massage would be a great choice. A good prostate massage would virtually fit inside your butt with minimal difficulties, and it has a tail so that you can pull it out any time you have finished using it. You wouldn’t want to end your night in the emergency room with a sex toy up your butt! Speaking of sex toys, you can also get tech-naughty in many other ways while you experiment alone with your prostate

prostate massager for man's g-spot

More Ways of Stimulating Male G-Spot

Well, the easiest way to stimulate the male G-spot is by rubbing or massaging the area between your scrotum and anus. This is pretty easy and you could definitely do it on your own or with your partner as a light prelude experience. The amount of pressure provided could help you achieve an orgasm.

Stimulating the prostate could definitely be an easy take-on for gay men, however, heterosexual men could definitely find it to be a mad idea. Well, the most important thing to set up a tremendous sexual life would be to experience the freakiest and crazy ideas with your long-term partner to keep your fire burning. Besides, there are plenty of freaky singles out there willing to go all the way with you during a casual sex session! Surprisingly enough, most female partners are often willing to try it out with their male partners, even though bringing it up tends to be pretty difficult.

Find ways to make the experience as comfortable as possible. For instance, during a shower, you could have your partner slide up her finger up your butthole while smooching your ass. It’s possible to have her massage the area between your anus and balls while blowing on your penis. Pleasure is all about preference… The best moments could be a result of you being comfortable with new ideas in the bedroom.

Talk about It

Every idea could linger in the room unaccepted if it isn’t discussed. Sometimes, simply talking about trying stuff out with your partner could turn you on to the idea. To foster a healthy relationship, you have to be comfortable with your body, feel confident, and open-minded. Let your partner be in control for once, and don’t be afraid to experience things you probably consider as taboo. Women often find open-minded men to be hot. You could try texting before actually talking face to face. A text could be funny and erotic. It essentially establishes an arousing link with your partner.

As we wind up, it’s important to note that every sexual experiment requires the perfect partner who can explore with you patiently and just as eagerly. Head over to Wickedlist right now and find the one that’s totally down for the experience today!