When you’re committing yourself to a person for long-term relationships, you have to make sure whether the secure connection that you formed with them is strong enough. No matter how much time you’re dating – 3 months, 6 months, or a year, you have to know for sure what to expect from your partner in the future.

My Dating Story

Believe me, I have been through this. We were the perfect couple, ticking all the boxes of a conventional healthy relationship. We jogged, hiked, went for long drives together.

She tolerated my incompetent humor, and I was patient about her daily FITS (Facebook Induced Trauma Symptoms) when her social media followers failed to acknowledge the cute pictures of her Golden Retriever, Lila, with motivational quotes. The sex was passionate and pure.

I was happy since Netflix and chilling, together with watching cliché romance movies, worked like a charm. We were socially decent and respected each other’s interests and privacy. On a scale of a toxic fling to true commitment and compassion, we were an 11.

Why My Long-Term Relationship Not Works?

I did love her, and I believe the feeling was mutual. Every piece was being put into place when I was solving the puzzle I called “true love” until I realized the final piece didn’t fit. I asked myself, what kind of love is this? Is this romance? Is this erotic love? Casual dates with some rare splashes of affection? Do I love her for the person she is or for what she seems to be? Do I love her as much as I loved Betty Cooper in the 5th grade? There was no clear answer to these questions. 

Phrases like “be patient, it will all make sense” and “take it slow, you will know” didn’t work. I was unsure about my partner. I wanted to know if she is the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. If the latter was not true, I didn’t want to deprive her of a man she was going to find eternal comfort in. 

Still, I knew it was the right thing to do on my part. Looking back, I thank my younger self for being strategically aware of this situation and for being patient in the struggle to make such a decision. If you want to know how I managed to make such a hard decision, take a look at things I consider the most important in any relationship that are listed below.

Best Long-Term Relationship is a Stable One

Imagine your life without your partner even if it’s like your fifth date. Don’t ask yourself if your life will be better and easier with them, or whether you will be happier.

Do you feel like your relationship with them will be mentally stable for you? If you can imagine a life without them and not picture a heartbreak and hollowness, the answer to the above-stated question is positive.

Feeling this emotional dependence might break you once your partner is gone. That is why you’re with the wrong person if you don’t see your life after the breakup.

Support is Everything You Need to Have in a Long-Term Relationship

You can read hundreds of articles, watch thousands of videos by relationship experts, but if you don’t have support in your relationship, I’m afraid they’re doomed. A relationship without support is like a car without fuel.

The world changes every day, as well as your couple. If one of you is feeling down, the other one can’t just go away and say: “Leave me alone and deal with it yourself”. You won’t feel complete and happy if you have to face the struggles of life alone. Why do you think people engage in relationships?

Use this long-term relationship advice to conduct a durability test of your relationships. If you have problems, and your partner immediately comes to help, you’re a lucky person. Besides, you should want (and not be obliged) to do the same for your partner, as well.

long term relationship

Check Yourself First

The degree of affection that you and your partner have for each other can vary from time to time. However, half-hearted affections can be unhealthy for both parties. Love has no agenda. The most pathetic thing a person can do in a relationship is continuing it when they aren’t sure if the partner is the right person for them and doing just enough to fulfill that person’s sentimental needs.

The problem is that we hide our insecurities and motives even from ourselves, which is why we should ask ourselves if we are capable of giving that person what they truly deserve. This way, we can decide the ultimate future of a complicated relationship.  

Don’t Forget about the Long-Term Relationship Sex

Sex is a fundamental element of a happy relationship. It allows two people to show their love ‘in action’ and receive pleasure from each other. Online dating proves to be a great platform to find the partner for a one-night stand, and casual dating is up for it whenever you two want to have fun in bed.

However, a long-term relationship requires another level of intimacy. Couples tend to fight more when they’re out of the sex zone even if they’ve been in the relationship for ages. Thus, if you feel unhappy, it might be because you receive not enough attention from your partner. If the person is indeed your perfect match, you shouldn’t have any problems with the lack of sex.

However, even if sex is good, you still might feel unsure about this whole long-term relationship thing. Sex is not the only thing you must be looking for. What you must do, though, is to find love first.

Perfect Long-Term Relationship is the One that Never Dies

Imagining walking down the Caribbean, holding hands with your loved one, the sunlight kissing your skin, is one thing. Imagining them as the last person you interact with and touch before your last breath is another. This question truly analyses what your partners mean to you.

A few years of living together, this consideration goes out the window as the busyness of our loves engulfs us, delaying this consequential inquiry to another day. Regardless, you need to face this reality with open arms to avoid the consequences of a wrong decision that dictates your whole life. 

Finding that person you want to commit yourself to for a long time can be one of the most liberating events of our lives, freeing us from the shackles of half-hearted affections and sentiments.

It’s not the easiest thing to do, our long-term relationship advice can help you deal with that. Read up to find out more about what you can do to find your soulmate and not lose it on our blog. And if you’re in search right now, check the ads from the cutest and kindest guys and girls on our website.