At one point in life or the other, the idea of how the concept of ‘love’ can be penned down crossed our minds. What would be the ‘subject’ of this complicated subject? How would you define love? I have a simple answer to your question.

It can be divided into 3 parts:



The absence of innate desire means the love is incomplete; the compatibility and the innate desire account for the biological factors that bring any two people together. The innate desire and the compatibility vary with the pheromones of your dopamine-led brain.

Genes are beyond the social constructs of how the love feels like and more importantly, “looks like” on paper and in public. This shows how diverse people from various social circles, backgrounds, identities, upbringing, and cultures still attract one another. This is because of the chemistry behind love.

So, is love just chemistry?


The Numbers Game

The world and the social construct projects that a woman is supposed to fall in love and meet the love of her life before the age of 25, while men are expected to find their soul mates before they are 28. According to Marie Claire, you are supposed to find the love of your life roughly into a third of the way in your life.

On average, it is bound to last for as much as 2 to 7 years if it does end up on diverse. More than 50 percent of the marriages in the U.S. end up in divorce.

In the era that we exist, the options are seemingly endless. People look for the marriage to suffice their need for love for this exact reason. With more potential people, there are more cycles, more partners, more marriages, and ultimately more divorces.


Can love just ever happen? What makes it so special?

Love is an art

To sum it all up, love can’t be bounded by definitions, structures, and science. It is nothing but an art; an art that knows no bounds. Art always has a structure and a limited value, but it simultaneously knows no bounds or absolute truths.

Art is there to prove a point, whereas science is there to prove right or wrong.

Love is not math, as it is limitless and relative. It’s deliberate and doesn’t simply rely on probability.

Love can’t be science because it is indisputable. It evolves over time and not everyone can define it in the same way.

Love is, like every art, a decision that the beholders relish and revel in their love. It speaks to them and wants them to speak to the others. Like art, love is chosen. It’s a choice; a beautiful one.