Going on dates with a special someone could make you feel like it’s nothing short of a dream. The feeling of desire, the endless need to smile, along with the completeness you experience when you share it with your friends makes it cherish-able.
Infatuations are blinding at the start. You can’t get enough of the ones you fell in love with and you find yourself looking for a reason to talk to them. You feel that the sensation would keep growing the more you talk to them. They start to take a major place in your heart.
As much as you wouldn’t like to think about it, everything in life has an end. You will often find yourself questioning the relationship and what means to you. The flame might start to burn out and lose its spark.
Three months’ rule is crucially important for any relationship. Knowing that the relationship is serious and you should ask yourself the necessary questions before rushing into it would reshape the way you look at it.
Here are the 3 questions that you should ask yourself when you’re 3 months deep into the relationship:

Question 1: What are you guys doing together?
Remember that these questions must be asked from yourself as this would help you avoid biased opinions.
Have a hot cup of coffee and sit on your desk, ask yourself:
What are the things you do when you hang out?
Are you eating out too often?
Are you guys making love enough?
When was the last time you watched a movie together?
When was the last time you surprised your partner?
Did you go out on a trip recently?
Are you guys sober when you’re together?
These may seem quite trivial but it allows you clarity of mind. When you’re done listing these questions, ask yourself questions about what you’re doing when your soulmate is not with you and whether you’re having enough me-time or not.

Question 2: What do you feel about the relationship and yourself?
Once you are aware of your lifestyle, the following step is to question the feeling for your other half. Some of the questions you can ask yourself include:
What do you like the most about your partner? What annoys you the most about them? What do you feel when they are around? What do you think about when they are not there? Is the relationship a positive contribution in your life?
You must avoid overthinking as it would ruin the thought process and would add bias to your answers. Once you’ve set the groundwork, ask yourself the final question.

Question 3: Where do you see the relationship in the coming 3 months?
You’ve to ask yourself this very question to have the clarity about whether the time and effort you’re contributing to the relationship is worth it or not. Is it merely a spark or do you think it’s worth sacrificing for?
You must have the conversation about this with your partner too as that would help you avoid the anxiety and stress that comes from overthinking. You should know what they fell about it and see if it’s worth it.
As Bob Marley goes: “Truth is that everybody is going to hurt you, you just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”