A long-distance relationship was a land unknown to me, utterly undiscovered, and I had no intention of crossing seas to discover it. Never did I think I would be one of the unfortunate ones who don’t get to hold their loved only see them over a screen. The mere idea of such a relationship seemed confusing, my mind could never grasp or accept the idea of a person so close to me being so far away in a place not known to me, surrounded by people I have no idea about. People are not shy to share the terrible experience they have had with a long-distance relationship; there have been many against than for it. But a long-distance relationship failing is not set in stone; although fewer, but I have certainly heard some convincing wins at such a romance.

I think a relationship of this kind can only stand and survive on the pillars of trust, love, patience, and loyalty. You mustn’t forget to prioritize and take time out for your significant other but at the same time, it is also essential that you don’t end up suffocating the other person with constant and over-the-top interference in their daily life. Challenges, compromise, and sacrifice are all part of a relationship but the greatest test of your love is distance.

Having your partner so far away will cause you to face numerous and daunting challenges, on not only a personal level but on a social level too. The strongest shield for your relationship will be the unmatched and genuine trust you two have built. It’s hard not to be over-protective, insecure and jealous but the wheels of your courtship will not turn with them. Unable to snuggle up to your partner in the dark lonely nights is torturous undoubtedly and may even put your faithfulness to the test. Attending special events and spending your holidays will not feel the same and you feel helpless because after all, what can you do about it?

But the fact is that in this trial, your relationship will either make it or break. If you hustle through the long-distance and somehow manage to survive it, your relationship will come out stronger and is more probable to last a longer time than people who do not face such circumstances. The hardships you face will mold you to become more acceptable and tolerable. The desperate need to fill the void your partner has left you with will remain and it will be tempting to fill it with the presence of someone else but at heart, if you do really love your partner, you will realize that there is none other than them who can take their place, they stand irreplaceable. Getting your eyes all teary is a part of the process I’d say and heartache may be an everyday thing but I assure you, it’s all worth it in the end.

So what’s the solution? How can keep the spark alive while being miles apart? The key is none other than communication; let your partner know what you’re feeling and listen to them as well, it will show that you have prioritized your loved one and that will keep both of you content even with the mass of land separating you two.