Sending text messages to get the responses you want from girls is always a fun thing to do if you know how to do it right. If a girl doesn’t text you back, this doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested.

There are ways in which you can get text messages from girls if you are interested to get proper replies. There is no need for long, boring messages telling her that you love her and you care for her and so on.

A girl is likely to get bored when you bombard her with thousands of text messages in a short time. This would eventually lead her to stop responding.


Here are a few tips you can use when a girl doesn’t text back.


Tip #1.

To make a girl notice you, you should send her bold messages. Messages like “I guess you’re busy, so I should not bother you.”

The girl who reads such messages would know that you’re not someone to mess with. They will also realize they pushed you too far; this would make the girl to text you back.


Tip #2.

You can make them feel challenged with a  fun message, which would provoke them to reply.

“No wonder my mom texts faster than you!”

This would give you the cue to proceed with the conversation.


Tip #3.

You can send her a message that says:

“Girl, you really know how to play hard to get.” or  “We are moving too fast!”

These classic ploys would guarantee a quick response.

Girls often feel that they shouldn’t respond immediately as it looks desperate. Texting should be a cute, fun, short way of talking to someone.

You should never have the fear that you’re bothering the other person as she would only read them when she does have enough time and it suits her.


Here are a few things you should avoid at all costs when texting a girl:

Never send too many compliments at once. Too many cute messages would eventually bore her. Don’t sent lengthy messages; as no one frankly has enough time to read them. Always remember to wait a certain time before sending a particular message; this would let the curiosity stay the same.

Avoid telling her your life story and remember not to complain about your past, work, or anyone at all.

Never sent any threatening or angry messages; such messages are never going to help you, and you might just end up in prison.  Discretion in text messages is crucially important. Your uniqueness and appreciation are what counts.

A girl must be able to laugh at your messages and pick up your calls after reading them. Girls usually have an emotional reaction to everything, and they take time to decide if they should reply at all or not. The conversation would only become as interesting as you want it to be, and the effort would reciprocate.

You should give them enough time to decide and reply to your messages accordingly. Don’t blow out your opportunity by sending too many messages in a short interval.

Once you follow these tips and keep our advice in your mind, you will never face a problem thinking how to react when you’re not getting a text back.