This seemingly simple question contains detail of answer within itself. Even though a man possesses an undying urge to engage in sexual relations with the opposite sex, there is still a considerable number of them who choose to stay in touch with women only for the sake of having friendships. One of the major reasons behind this is the theory of your soulmate being a stranger so therefore, men find it reasonable to limit their female acquaintances to mere friendships.

Another reason can be how a woman comes off as unapproachable so that the guy around her cannot ask directly but will stay friends while secretly desiring her. An additional reason a man would stay friends with a woman while not wanting to date her is the feeling of association and likeness that we develop towards certain objects in our lives that we hold important. This can apply to friendships as well where a man would enjoy the comfort of a female company which may lead to admiration.

From my personal experience, I can say that there was a time when I used to possess a few female friendships only for the sake of sleeping with them someday. But I ended those friendships with time as I realized the importance of having a girlfriend instead of having various girlfriends who you can only hope for having sex with. However, that is not the only case of me having female friends. In the past, I have also been friends with women who I did not like at all in any way.

The reason I still chose to be friends was that I knew of them being interested in me. It would lift my self-confidence to know that I am admired and would also bring me great validation. But despite the good friendship, I maintained with these women, I could not stand the uncomfortable tension in our mutual atmosphere.

As I matured with time, I learned to focus on what was important and decided to remove everything that felt unnecessary. I cleared up emotional baggage by ending all the useless friendships and relationships. Now that when I think about the question that whether men become friends with women for the sake of ending up in their beds, I think the answer is a yes. I know that no one can state this as a fact for the entirety of the male population, but there is more than around 90 percent chance that a man makes a female friend only so their friendship can progress into a relationship.

I think this also clearly conveys the sense that men think mostly about having sex and it’s not wrong to say that we regard it as a fundamental necessity of life besides food, alcohol, water, and maybe love. But until we come around to that, you will surely find us beside you in your good friends.