Toxic relationships are very dangerous, yet people rarely recognize that they are in one until it is too late. The psychological and sometimes physical pain that comes with toxic relationships is overwhelming. As such, we’re going to dive into what toxic relationships are and, most importantly, how to leave one.

What Are Toxic Relationships?

Toxic relationships are mainly described by psychology experts as a relationship in which the behavior of one partner inflicts pain to the other partner emotionally and also, more often than not, physically as well. The behavior of your partner has seismic effects on your mental health and, in some cases, your physical health too. That’s why it is important to ensure that you notice and deal with any toxic traits that might be in your relationship as early as possible.

Unlike other relationships that can be saved when they are failing, the same can not always be said for toxic relationships. Lots of long-term relationships gradually turn toxic. Then, it becomes difficult to walk away. As such, noticing the signs earlier will help in ending the relationship sooner, ensuring that damage is minimized. There are a lot of signs that show that a relationship is toxic. The more you know, the better your chances of realizing you are in one. 

Red Flags that Show Your Relationship Is Toxic 

Relationships are supposed to be a sanctuary that gives you peace and comfort. Toxicity takes all that away and leaves you drained and emotionally wounded. One red flag might not necessarily mean that the relationship is toxic. On the other hand, a combination of these traits should raise questions. The main red flags to look out for include:

  • Excessive Insecurity 

The toxicity in most relationships is mainly due to insecurity on the toxic half’s part. This is very common if your relationship graduated from casual dating. Most toxic behavior stems from insecurity. An ingrained lack of trust between you and your partner can lead them to exhibit very toxic behavior (whether the mistrust is unfounded or sensible!).

how to leave toxic relationship

Although almost everyone in a relationship has a little bit of insecurity, the very moment the insecurity becomes excessive, your relationship has a huge problem. Insecurity can lead to your partner being aggressive and sometimes violent. It is important to pick the signs of excessive insecurity as it can save you from a myriad of problems. 

  • Constant Dishonesty

This is one of the most toxic traits that people have in relationships. The relationship that is built on lies will fizzle out as soon as the lie is exposed. That is why the truth is an essential part of the relationship from the beginning, and as it progresses. Dating someone who lies will stress you out because even if they might be telling the truth, their precedence will make it difficult to trust them. Dating someone dishonest has a huge impact on your mental health. As such, constant dishonesty is a huge red flag that should highlight that your relationship is toxic.

  • Egocentric Behavior

This here, although not the most common, is probably the most painful trait in any relationship. A little ego can get you some casual sex, yes. But it is corrosive when it comes to actual long term relationships. Someone who is egocentric cares only for themselves. And having a relationship with someone like that is just a recipe for disaster. Your partner is supposed to give you care and companionship. Once someone starts to exhibit egocentric behavior, it becomes difficult for them to satisfy you. You might end up feeling like it is your fault or you are not doing enough. Relationships are based on the give and take principle. So, if your partner is only taking and not giving anymore, just know that the relationship is toxic.

  • Most Dangerous Sign of Toxic Relationships – Abuse

A relationship where your partner abuses you physically and verbally is the vivid description of the term ‘toxic relationship’. No matter how bad the situation is, it should never get to a point where your partner abuses you. As soon as a relationship gets to a situation where your partner channels their frustration into abusing you, physically or verbally, it means the relationship is over. The best thing you can do is walk away as fast as you can before way more terrible things happen.

abuse in toxic relationship

Holding on to a relationship in which you are abused is very dangerous, we cannot stress this enough. Abusers tend to progressively get more aggressive. You might ignore the first mild signs of abuse, but the truth is it is bound to get worse and may eventually lead to tragic situations like murder and rape. There is no bigger red flag in a relationship than physical and emotional abuse. Once the flag is raised, take your cue and leave.

Leaving Toxic Relationships

The hardest thing about a toxic relationship is leaving. It is never easy to detach from someone you invested in both emotionally and physically. That is why it is important to do it right. The first thing that you need to do is to decide to leave and firmly stand by it. The best way to help maximize your conviction is to discuss the decision with people that are close to you.

Once you have firmly decided to leave, you need to break the news to your partner. Telling them your decision and why you are deciding to leave face to face is usually a good idea. But if you are scared that they may take it the wrong way and harm you, you can always do it over the phone. You should be firm as your partner might try to talk you out of your decision. Toxic people rarely change. Although they might promise to change, chances are they will not.

The emotions that come with ending a relationship are very painful. Once you end a relationship, you should try to keep yourself occupied. Try out a new hobby or spending more time with friends. If you are failing to cope, it is always a good idea to get help from an expert. Book an appointment with a therapist and get your mental health in check. You can also check out our blog on grieving and letting go for some practical tips.


The worst part about people in toxic relationships is they deny it with the hope that it will get better. The truth is it rarely does, in fact, it usually gets worse. There is no shame in leaving a relationship because you feel it is not working for you. There is plenty of fish in the sea, the right partner for you will come along in due course. Rejoin the dating pool at Wickedlist and find your perfect non-toxic partner close to you with ease!