Sex is amazing, and no one can argue about that, but without a little spicing up, it can somewhat become repetitive and eventually boring. The good news is there are so many ways to make sex exciting every time. Whether it’s a long term relationship or just some funky casual sex, sticking to conventional means of having sex is not a good idea. Sex should be memorable and inventive, and one way to add a twist to the experience is through anal sex. There are a lot of misconceptions around the subject, but one thing no one can argue about is the fact that anal sex if done right, can up your sexual tempo to unprecedented levels.

Cuming Around to Idea Of Anal Sex

We know how rare it is for men to make women orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. It might be one of the worst feelings ever. Imagine going through some sexual activity and failing to orgasm at the end. It kind of takes away the entire purpose of sex, and nobody wants that.

With anal sex, an orgasm is guaranteed, and we have numbers to prove it. About 94 percent of women confirmed to have orgasmed during anal penetration on a Healthline survey. That is a huge number, and you are most certainly going to be part of it if you decide to go anal. The orgasms from anal penetration are quite intense mainly because the anal cavity has way more nerves than the vagina. The intensity of an anal orgasm can never be fully described on paper. You just need to experience it for yourself.

Everyone has that kinky part of the brain, especially women. If you are explorative, anal sex is definitely your thing. After all, the world has become somewhat more liberal when it comes to sex (and that’s a good thing). You just have to know how to do it right.

Doing It Right

Anal sex is a mind-blowing experience, but doing it wrong can dampen it for you. Here is a guide on how to make your anal sex experience mindblowing!

Find Right Partner

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Consent and Communication

After finding a partner, make sure you make it clear to them that you plan to have anal sex with them. Some people might not really like it if you just make them go anal without prior communication. Just to avoid making the experience awkward, be sure to communicate before the hot night.

Practise Anal Sex

Anal sex is a little different from vaginal. There are more nerves in the anal cavity, so it might be a little more painful for the first time. It is essential to just get a little practice. Try using fingers and anal beads just to get used to the sensation. It will make sure that your experience is pleasurable and not painful.

get ready for the anal sex

Clean Up

Another important aspect of anal sex is cleanliness. Taking a shower before anal penetration is a must. Ensure that you douche and clean up thoroughly, especially in between your ass cheeks. It will make the experience a whole lot more pleasurable for both you and your partner. Try to use some fragrances too or scented lubes just to spice it up.

Choose Perfect Environment

Anal sex is a really intense experience. Try to pick a room that turns you on. If you prefer sex in darkness, you can apply some candlelight to add a little romance to the whole thing. You can also bring some BDSM equipment and tricks into play just to add to that intensity.

Deed – Go Wild, Go Anal

The most important is to make sure that you are relaxed. Start by caressing and kissing. It will relax your muscles and also get you horny enough to enjoy.  Lead your partner to your anal area, let them caress you with their fingers. If they are comfortable, make sure that they eat you out, this will send you straight to heaven.

Once your hormones are all worked up, you can proceed to penetration. Anal sex can transmit STIs, so ensure that your partner straps up. Before penetration, apply lube. Lubing is important…very, very important. The anus is not self-lubricating, so ensure that you have as much lube as possible to make the penetration pleasurable. Use water-based lubricants because oil-based ones might break the condom.

Start slowly, and if it is painful, be sure to tell your partner to take it slowly. Allow your partner to find the perfect rhythm and enjoy the outburst of pleasure. Also, be sure to switch positions. Doggy is always a killer, be sure to try it out.

After penetration, change condoms before you have vaginal sex to avoid cross-infection. You can shower as well just to get that fresh after sex vibe.

Anal Sex or Double Penetration?

Anal sex is wild and fun, but for some people, it might not hit the right chords. If you are one of those people, then double penetration is definitely for you. Imagine both your vaginal and anal nerves being worked on at the same time. That must be explosive! Well, IT IS explosive and even much more! The problem with double penetration can arise when looking for the third participant (men can be pretty stiff about these things), but with online dating sites, you can find one easily these days.

Take advantage of categories like couple seeking men where anal sex is probably already on the menu! Talk to your partner, specify your preference to invite the third party. Then let Wickedlist hunt the perfect third party for your double penetration delight.


Ready to give it a go? Be sure to follow all the abovelisted steps to ensure that your session is as safe as it is pleasurable. Remember,  threesomes are quite a lot of fun, but they require more communication and effort to navigate properly while ensuring that everyone enjoys the experience. Head over to Wickedlist and unlock a whole new level of sexual ecstasy!