The world has changed a lot. Though we all hate these times, we are almost certain that we don’t know when all this chaos will end. Regardless, life needs to go on. To come out of this with some semblance of sanity, we have had to adjust in our workplaces, homes, and other areas. But one aspect seems to have been neglected for most people, and that is our dating and relationship lives, simply because it’s something that has always been predominantly physical. That’s why you need to reconsider your usual dating habits and make use of some new dating tips according to the new rules and restrictions.

The truth is current global C19 pandemic doesn’t take away our desire to love and be loved or that yearning for intimacy. It only makes it difficult to attain! As such, anyone who doesn’t want that aspect to suffer in these times, be it a long term relationship or even casual dating, needs to get creative in addition to communicating effectively. Sit tight as we dive into a few tips that will help your dating life to blossom in 2021 despite the chaos around us all!

dating in covid times

Embracing New Reality! Dating Tips to Adapt to New Rules

Dating is usually about understanding yourself as well as your partner. Yet, lately, a new variable has come into play, and that is understanding the times. Even if what you want is merely casual dating, not a committed long-term relationship, you have a better chance of happy encounters if you understand the setting of your relationship these days. It affects every other aspect of your dating life.

Because of restrictions or fear of the virus, most singles in the US can no longer wilfully go out to bars, restaurants, or any of the places we thought would be perfect to ignite and keep sparks kindled. But that should not spell doom for your relationships because there are other ways you can follow so that you can share magical experiences. The internet is replete with online activities you can do with your partner to keep affection and bond, and it ranges from simple things such as Tik Tok collabs to a host of other things. Let’s take a quick look at some of these ideas that are pretty easy and enjoyable to execute with your partner.

  • Having At-Home Dates

Going to those fancy restaurants is no longer an option. It does not have to mean that you are also not able to have similar moments together at home. Home dates with your partner can also be special, and you can make them pleasant ones. A suggestion is to organize your table and have dinner under candlelight. Semidarkness will make both of you look prettier as it reveals your features in ways natural light cannot. The dilating of your pupils under low light makes you look cuter as well. Such dates with the familiarity of your home can accentuate the intimacy. To add on, it can even be better if you prepare the dinner together: the team effort will bring you together.

home dates

  • Pull Out Board Games & More!

Playing board games is a good way to keep you together. Some simple harmless competition is healthy for relationships. Games like Monopoly, checkers, and other calming games that are fit for couples to play at home are good. Playing games such as 21 questions can help you better understand your partner. To make it even more memorable, there are questions you can ask that are guaranteed to make you fall in love or remind you why you are in love. Setting aside time to talk like this strengthens your relationship. For fans of experiments, there are lots of erotic board games available: just google them and choose ones you like most of all (or a few of them).

  • Say Hello to Online Gaming!

If you are not in one place, it is okay too. Playing online games together can do the same wonders. You would be amazed how much such a simple thing can bring couples together. Playing an online game with someone makes you feel and know that despite them being away and not being able to be with you, they are devoting their time to have fun with you. There are a lot of games you can choose, depending on your tastes as a couple. You can connect and play on your consoles or have another life in a virtual world. At the end of the day, the experiences in these games can do a lot for you as a couple in a way that only chatting could not.

  • Movie under the Stars

The old Nextflix and chill can be redundant at times. Why not spice it up to make it more intimate and adventurous? Watching a movie outside is just perfect for couples. Such spontaneity that comes with an outside activity connects couples in ways that any outdoor activity like hiking can do. Watching a movie under the night sky while stargazing and warming each other will help to create a feeling of safety with each other that is priceless. For those who prefer casual dates, it will score you points. Even if you are not together, scheduling a movie and watching it together at the same time while sharing comments on the movie’s events, characters, and overall plot still brings you closer together.

  • #1 Dating Tips 2021. Start Blog/Vlog

There is always something unique and special about your relationship that can inspire and help other couples. Blogging or vlogging is ideal for people in long term relationships. If you are not in one place and have your travels restricted because of quarantine, you can collaborate on a blog and start sharing your relationship experiences and advice. Such a mutual noble effort will make you feel happy and satisfied to do something good together.

You don’t have to limit yourselves to relationships. Think about anything that you both are passionate about and get into it together. YouTube channel or vlog can be an ideal option, and working together for something you both love will keep the fire burning between the two of you. Just remember to balance all that social media activity properly with your relationship!

Make Use of New Dating Tips and Find Your Other Half in No Time!

As we wind up, remember that these tips work for all sorts of relationships, whether casual dating or long-term unions. Don’t have the other half at all? Don’t let the pandemic stop you from finding your ideal partner in this modern era. Thanks to online dating websites like Wickedlist, finding ‘the one’ has never been easier wherever you are in the US. Sign up for free today and start your unique love story now!