Let’s start here – orgasms are exciting! There are dozens of tricks that can make your orgasm longer and, more importantly, much more extreme. Most of these tricks are often discussed in dating communities, yet never really explained, and one of the most popular tricks is edging. It is without a doubt a top technique to make your orgasms better as long as you know how to properly execute it. There are a couple of things you need to know about the art of edging – read on and equip yourself for an explosive orgasm on your next encounter!

What Is Edging?

Edging is the action of having a sexual experience, whether oral sex, penetrative sex, or masturbation, and then stopping just right before orgasm. The whole idea of edging is to delay the orgasm and lengthen the period of your sexual arousal. There are a dozen other benefits that are a result of the practice, but we will be talking about those later.

The edging, which is also called peaking or teasing, is quite a common practice. Edging has been there since the 50s, and it is just getting better. Edging relies on you stopping before you come. It is metaphorically to take a break before reaching the “peak” of sexual pleasure, hence the name Peaking.

Edging and Health

One thing that is essential about any sexual experiment is to understand the health implications. The same applies to edging. The good news is there are not many health risks that are associated with edging. Healthline has suggested that the practice does not have long-term health conditions. There are some short-term effects, though, that might arise as a result of delaying your orgasm.

Those effects include fatigue. It is mainly because by edging, you are most likely going to have a longer sexual encounter than normal. We already know that any sexual encounter is work, and energy is a prerequisite. The longer you “edge”, the more likely you are going to be fatigued. It might also take a little while longer to get the next erection in males.

why you need to try edging

Another common short-term effect of edging is epididymal hypertension, commonly known as “blue balls”. It is pain felt in the testicles due to arousal that does not lead to orgasm. Yet, they are easy to deal with: just make sure you come, and you are back to normal.

Why You Need to Try Edging

Now that we have the health part out of the way, we can talk about the reasons, why you need to start edging, or why you need to continue if you have already been on that train.

Bye Premature Ejaculation

It is one of the best things that you can get out of edging. Premature ejaculation ruins sex. It tends to leave your partner unsatisfied and usually yourself too. Although there are a dozen remedies for premature ejaculation, the edging is the easiest and with the fewest side effects.

Edging delays orgasms, and if you do it right, you can last in bed for the exact amount of time you want. So if you cum a little too quickly, you need to practice edging.

Penetrative Sex Is Not the Only Option

Penetrative sex might be painful for some people, and edging will make other forms of sex a lot more exciting and pleasurable. Mutual masturbation is one of the safest sex practices out there, but the fact that someone might cum way quicker than their partner makes it pretty unappealing. With edging, you can get the best of masturbation and enjoy it just as much or even more than penetrative sex. It also makes other forms of sex, like oral sex, more adventurous – just give it a try.

Longer Sex

There are very few things that are as exciting as sex. Having intercourse for as long as possible makes it even more pleasant. It is especially important for people in long term relationships. On average, it takes 13 minutes for women to orgasm and about half that time for males. It takes even longer for women, who have very little attachment to the partner (mostly couples who are still dating casually). It means that for a balance, the male orgasm must be longer. With edging, you can easily achieve this 13-minute checkpoint and get your partner to come and enjoy sex just as you do. As you will be able to increase the period for sex, it can lead you to the rare and beautiful sex experience – multiple orgasms.

Intense Orgasms

One thing that edging does is make orgasms more intense. The intensity of an orgasm is, to a large extent, mental. Edging makes you anticipate orgasms more. The more you want to orgasm, the more intense it comes. If you are just having some casual sex, you need to be able to impress. Remember, every round might be your last one if you’re not good at sex.  You have to edge! The best part is that it is not only intense, it is also longer. Another thing that you can do is to add a little more spice to the sex. If you are comfortable with it, you can add some BDSM to your sex routine. Coupling BDSM and edging will lead to an explosive orgasm and sexual experience you will never forget.

As we wind up, let’s acknowledge that there are indeed dozens of sex tricks out there, but edging easily stands out as a top option. It is easy to execute and brings a top-notch orgasm. Riding solo? If you want someone to get to the “edge” with, online dating can hook you up with someone in no time. Join free dating websites like Wickedlist, where one can always find the ideal partner with a click of a button! Sign up now and start exploring wherever you are in the US!