Over the years, many people have found it easier to get into relationships than to stay in them. One of the main reasons for break-ups is arguments, many of which come from bad finances. Because of pride, some people overlook the limp in their financial steps and end up regretting their negligence. Love is sweet, but money has a way of making it even sweeter. When dating, spending money is almost inevitable. From first casual date ideas to parties, finances are always required. The dilemma is: How then do we spend the money? How do we avoid regret when the fun is over?

The reason why people aren’t investing in financial responsibility is it takes effort. And it’s not the easiest topic to discuss whilst the audience keeps a smile. Finances ought to be handled in a bilateral way to avoid complicated arguments and contentions. With finances, it really takes two to tango. Here are some pointers that can help you support your relationship and finances with ease for the benefit of your cherished partnership.

Money Talk When Dating Casually

The nature of a relationship dictates the way money is used. With casual dating, the demand for financial responsibility is easy to cope with. Here are some of those casual dating rules you can start using today, specifically for casual daters.


Over and above all – there should always be honesty in a relationship, especially with regards to finances. Quite unfortunately, some people have a weakness of avoiding the truth. In a casual relationship, it is essential to know each other’s financial standings and preferences.

For some people, one partner to take care of dating finances is quite okay. If, however, you are dating such a person, and you can’t handle the pressure, simply tell them! Casual dating is usually for pleasure – it should not strain you financially.

Other people like to have everything 50/50. It is also ok. On the other hand, whatever you split in payment should accommodate each other’s financial earning ranges (which should be communicated upfront). It will be very beneficial for both of you, leaving time for enjoyment.

How to Finance Fairly

After getting awareness of the financial vigor of your partner, use that knowledge to play fair. Both of you ought to be involved in paying the costs, all the more if you are living together. It is, however, advisable to split the bill in the ratio of earnings.

Dating casually requires way less financial commitment than in long-term relationships. Because it is a platform for mutual interaction, both parties ought to be involved in contributing to the payable costs of relationship experience.


When dating casually, one should not strain themselves in trying to buy gifts. Of course, when you mutually enjoy material appreciation, it is not a problem. But the assumption that one must always buy gifts, and that they should always act fancy is quite inaccurate. Don’t go beyond your comfort zone – casual dating should just stay short and sweet.

So, after knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes, reach a compromise between cost and pleasure, and you won’t regret it. For safe casual dating, join Wickedlist.com, a free casual dating site made for you.

Money Talk in Long-Term Relationships

In contrast to casual dating, long-term relationships need a greater hands-on approach. Bad finances can lead to fights and basically ruin everything. The relationship becomes short-lived, and both parties will probably leave scarred.

Financing Fairly

Long-term relationships need a mature partnership. To avoid ruining otherwise good relationships, one has to first make sure that money is not a problem. What I mean is to let everyone partake in addressing issues that incur costs.

Some people break up because they feel financially drained by the relationships. It destroys all forms of trust and leaves the affair in shambles. It is, therefore, advised that everyone takes up a role in the relationship.

However, it is allowed for one person to finance everything, given that they are comfortable with the hustle and they have adequate financial endurance in the long-term relationship.

Transparency about Money

For any relationship to work, communication is a necessity; and every good communication line begins with honesty. It is a crucial part of responsible financing in relationships. One has to be honest when revealing their financial standing. It will make sure that both parties are not forced to spend beyond their capacity and that their compatibility is tested.

Keep Focused on You!

Long-term relationships require wisdom. One of the financial problems that have been faced by some people is that they basically ended up paying for things that were not concerned with them. Such things are bills, debts, and even some family issues requiring money. Be careful of these!

Of course, stepping in out of love is understandable. But don’t be abused by becoming a financial provider beyond your own comfort. Be careful of people after your money! It is why you may need to look for someone who can meet you halfway.

If it’s love you’re looking for, make that the priority. Remember, after the money is spent, life goes on. Keep alert, and you won’t regret it!

Negotiation on Money

Negotiate and split costs with respect to your earnings. Don’t allow disputes to arise for lack of humility. It helps your relationship last. Bickering over money will be greatly reduced.

negotiation and planning on finances

The two of you can negotiate on who pays for what and how you can split the bills. Negotiation helps you both to reach a comfortable compromise. By simply discussing things, both of you will even develop the confidence that you are in it together, allowing the affair to last longer.


Planning always avoids nasty surprises. When you are dating, always have an overview of what you are willing to spend. It will help you pick the right restaurants, meals, and even date night casual outfits. Budgeting is best done together so that there is an agreement.

Drawing up a budget together also draws the two of you together. Trust is enhanced, and intimacy is getting to the next level. When a budget is drawn, unnecessary additives are checked off. It means at the end of the day, both are rescued from the danger of impulse buying. So, in simple terms, to save more, you need to plan more.

Winding Up

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