Kissing is something that can be special. While many casual daters think that they can do it, most of them actually can’t. Even people in long-term relationships tend to get so complacent when it comes to kissing, and they mess things up. Needless to say, it is vital to get the kiss right. According to social research by The Daily Mail, once we get the kiss wrong, well, that marks the end of the night, and, for most singles, the end of the relationship that had just begun.

Once you get the kissing part awkward, it just ruins everything, killing that sexual vibe that often drives strangers into a frenzied passion session and perhaps even something more serious for those after long-term dating. Now, there is no shame in admitting that you can’t kiss or even asking someone to teach you how to kiss – it’s 2021, after all! However, before you follow that route, join us as we dive into the specifics of how to kiss for the ultimate results with these seven critical pointers.

Take It Easy with the Tongue

Kissing with the tongue can go one of two ways. #1: it can be amazing, and #2: it can be a total disaster. That is why you need to take it easy with your tongue.

Not everyone appreciates a kiss with some tongue action – some people simply hate it while others would die for it. That being said, you need to be careful about how you introduce your tongue to the kiss.

The best way to get anything done properly is by asking how you want it done, to begin with. And it includes kissing as well. Once you get the consent to add tongue, start slowly and work your way up to the rougher kisses.

Mind the Saliva

Adding tongue to the kiss comes with saliva. It is where the majority of millennials get confused. With saliva, you have to be very careful, and we cannot emphasize that enough.

how to kiss

Take it from us: no one wants to feel like they are being slobbered by a dog when they are kissing. Some people detest sloppy kisses as well. While others want a moderate amount of saliva to add a little lubrication to the kiss.

But if you want to know a little secret, stop in the middle of the kiss and ask: “Is this ok?” or take a break to read their reaction. From there, you know if you are doing it right or if there are a few corrections to do.

Don’t Forget to Add a Little Hand Action!

Kissing is surely about the lips, but a little hand action would never kill anyone. Besides, physical touch is one of the 5 love languages. Don’t stand like a stooge when you are being kissed – it makes it feel odd. Use your hands to caress your partner.

With your hands, you can play with their ears, their hair, even their body if you’re close enough – and watch the both of you explode.

There is no exact way on how to use your hands, but you will have to be able to read the atmosphere. Treat your partner’s body like your own, and be sensitive about how they react as you use your hands.

Start slow and work up passionately – it helps and makes the moment last longer. Make sure that you notice your partner’s reaction throughout the whole time.

Be Careful with Kissing Bites

Bites can also make or break a kiss. When you add a bite to a kiss, you have to be gentle and mind the way that you do it. We do not want any vampire bites as we kiss now, do we?

For starters, place a gentle bite on your partner’s lips and pick it up from there. If they like it, you will know from their reaction, and if they don’t like it, well, you can always try something else.

Keep the Lips Soft

No one wants to feel like they are kissing a rock. That is why you must have soft lips. Even for men, just forget that macho nonsense and pay attention to your lip texture always. You can use lip balm or whatever your pharmacist recommendations work best for you! No one loves scratchy lips that will leave them feeling like they smooched a cactus!

kissing guide to keep your relationship sparking

Live in the Moment

There is nothing more annoying than kissing someone who is absent-minded. It feels like you are kissing a dead person, and it’s emotionless. Have and show emotion when you kiss, and that should give your partner your full attention. Being in the moment also helps you to feel the kiss and taste everything that comes with the kiss as well. You can even throw in a little moan – just don’t overdo it.

Ask for the Kissing

Last but certainly not least, seek permission! You may be wondering – ask for it? Sounds like a vibe-kill, doesn’t it? The truth is that when it comes to kissing and sex, we all have different preferences. As such, if you are a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man, don’t assume all women (or all men) are the same.

While you may feel that it is the right time for the kiss, to the person you are with, it isn’t. That is why there always needs to be some form of consent to do anything intimate, such as kissing! Of course, body language here comes into play. You don’t necessarily have to seek permission verbally when it comes to a kiss. There is a universal sign for it – simply lean in halfway, and perhaps put your hand on the back of your partner’s head or the small of their back and pull GENTLY! If your partner isn’t feeling it, they’ll simply pull away.

Alternatively, as corny as it sounds, you could even ask someone if you can kiss them, instead of just barging in as most people do. For the conservative partners, asking shows respect, and it can send your partner into a whirlwind of emotions because of that gentleman approach to the act. Asking permission is one of the most effective ways to avoid sex failures.

Final Thoughts on Kissing Art

Many think that kissing is as easy as eating pie, and quite frankly, it is! The problem is that the reaction to the kiss may not be the one that you were expecting. As such, that kiss, if done wrong, may mark the last time you and that person meet each other. Don’t have someone to practice all these new techniques with? Wickedlist has the perfect sexy singles seeking casual sex and long-term relationships. Sign up today and meet the ideal partner wherever you are in the US now!