One thing you have to know about office romance is that when the vibes are good, the toxic thing will not happen. And if you manage your work relationship well, the flames will remain ignited. This way, you won’t have to worry about the supposed obvious end for work relationships.

Here are some ways that will certainly manage your work relationship better and avoid mishaps with your partner at work. Office romance is a common phenomenon. reports that over 58% of employees have been in a romantic relationship with a coworker. However, it is a sensitive issue, and if not managed meticulously, it might result in people being fired or forced to resign. It is essential both for a casual relationship and a long-term relationship.

Know Your Company’s Office Romance Policy

As soon as you develop feelings for a coworker or start dating one, the first thing you need to do is to get to know your workplace’s police concerning office romance. It helps you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and if it is worth it.

Usually, companies are against office romance. But if you feel that you have something real and meaningful, nothing can stop you from engaging in the relationship. If you decide to get along with the relationship, then find ways of navigating around the workplace for the sake of your jobs. It will also be important when you decide to go about some flirtatious romance or full-blown casual sex session in the office area.

Have a Talk

You must talk about the direction of your relationship as soon as you start dating a coworker. Discuss the feasibility of combining the relationship and work and how you will carry yourself within the workplace.

You also need to set limits of what you can and cannot do at work. Besides, you two could also inform some of your workmates about your relationship: decide together whom to tell. The talk helps you define how you will solve problems and other relationship intricacies that might affect the workplace.

Be Professional

The first mistake people make in-office romance is to let their relationship penetrate their workplace. It includes conspicuous things, such as public displays of affection. Kisses and lingering hugs make other workers feel uncomfortable. You need to keep the workplace professional and avoid even small things, like having lunch as a couple, sitting side by side on all the meetings.

Being professional also means maintaining independence. This way, you are set as two separate personalities and workers who can discuss things and disagree on each other’s ideas. Try not to be a unit at work because, at the end of the day, you won’t be generating new solutions but support each other’s proposals blindly. Casual sex on office premises is risky – try to avoid it!

Do Not Take Your Relationship Issues into the Workplace

For your relationship to work, you must never argue or fight at work. Your personal quarrels should always be solved outside the office. Even when you have a work disagreement, you must never include your personal issues in the argument.

The lines between love and work are blurred if you are dating your workmate. That is why you must never complain about your partner with other workers as it will affect how others view your partner. It might potentially ruin their reputation. It is essential to make sure you make a clear boundary that matters of the heart do not make their way into the office under any circumstance.

be discreet about office romance

Be Discreet About Office Romance

Work relationships are fragile generally. Yet, it may vary depending on your organization’s view on office romance. With that in mind, it is of utmost importance that you keep your relationships or affairs discreet. Even if the company has no problem with office romance, there is still no need to demonstrate it. Others may find it inappropriate, unprofessional, and can be envious and report that it is affecting your work or the workplace itself.

Maintain Independence

One of the things you need to manage when in an occupational relationship is your independence. You should avoid doing things with your significant other in the workplace. During work hours, try to keep your interactions as minimal as possible and only talk when you are supposed to.

You should try to have your lunches separately or together with other workers to have an opportunity to interact with other people in a way that doesn’t make your partner jealous, of course. The same applies to opinions and decisions in meetings. You should have a mind of your own and not agree with someone because they are your partner.

Dating a Boss

In some cases, you are on different levels at an organization. Such relationships are particularly difficult as rumors might spread through the grapevine that one does it either for a raise or promotion. In such a case, professionalism is supposed to be at its utmost highest. If you are dating a higher-up, you need to work hard at your job for you and your relationship not to fall prey to rumors so that no one can claim favoritism.

Dating an Employee

The same issues arise when dating a subordinate. For your relationship to be exempt from favoritism issues, you need to practice high ethical standards. Do not favor, agree or provide benefits to someone because you are engaged in a relationship with them. Remain fair in the workplace for the benefit of the work environment. You also need to guard your mental health in the wake of office gossip. Ensure that you do not fire or punish other people unnecessarily for speaking about your relationship. You need to demonstrate that you are impartial so that you can retain their confidence in you, your judgment, and management skills.

Engaged in Office Romance? Get Ready for Anything!

Once you go down the office-romance road, you need to know and understand the effects of your relationship and be prepared for anything. Be mentally ready for fights that might transcend the work-personal barrier and still manage to keep them at bay. Unfortunately, you may be fired and move to another workplace to ensure that the office does not harm your relationship. You should be prepared to deal with other coworkers and try not to make the work environment uncomfortable for them.

Office romance is typically a Romeo-and-Juliet kind of forbidden romance. And it might be tragic if not handled in the right way. If you manage it well, like any other relationship, it can lead to something better and healthier. We believe that love shouldn’t be deterred. But for your work to be fruitful and for your relationship to be romantic, some feelings need to be tamed. These tips will help you enjoy both your relationship and your job.

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