Getting married is a huge step, and the effects are quite mammoth. Unlike casual dating, there are a lot of changes that come with marriage, and some of them might be a little difficult to stomach, not just for you but for those around you. There are certain things that they are likely not going to agree with, and some they might push for. The biggest problem is that the interests of your family and friends might not align with those of your spouse. In the worst case, both interests might not be in line with yours. It may make decision-making and life itself complicated – it may then result in depression. It is why it is essential to know how to keep a healthy balance between making your marriage work and keeping your friends and family happy. We will help you do just that in this article.

Set Boundaries for Your Marriage and Family

After marriage, the first thing you have to do is to make it clear to your friends and family that things are going to be different since you are now married. It might seem a little unnecessary since they already know it, but, trust us, it is a must. Spelling it out in black and white that the decisions you will be making from that point are likely going to be influenced by your marriage or spouse, to be specific, will help avoid tensions between your family and friends and your marriage. Some decisions like relocating and religion, which may be beneficial for your marriage, may not be well-received by your friends and family. Giving your friends and family a heads up before you start making decisions that are best for your new family can make the experience quite smooth.

Your Spouse Is Not Always Right!

Although your partner is your right-hand person, that does not necessarily mean that each of their decisions is correct. It is essential to be your partner’s biggest support structure, and it is quite easy to end up overdoing it. It is one of the main reasons for the contention that comes between your family and your partner. All of your close people want the best for you; the problem is the directions they might take might be quite different. It means that always affirming decisions from one side might end up getting you in the wrong spot. There is a need to also take into account your family’s opinion and weigh it against that of your partner.

It might be a little hard to take for your partner when you seem to go against them. It is important to explain as detailed as possible why you are not siding with them on the issue. Highlight the benefits of the decision you are making and why their decision might not be the best. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but you must take responsibility to do it. Make sure you highlight that the decision you are making is not a challenge to them, but rather you are choosing the best decision that will help your marriage prosper.

Marriage and Family. Decisions to Look Out for

There are many decisions that you will make as a married couple. However, some are most likely going to result in a lot of contention from your family and your spouse. We will show you how you can easily maintain a balance and ensure that you don’t ruin relationships on both sides of the scale.

how to balance marriage/your spouse and your family

Family Religion

It might be one of the hardest decisions that you might have to make in your life. One thing that has become quite common over the years is interreligious marriages. Most couples choose to keep religious after marriage, and usually, the argument on the decision arises to either go with your partner’s religion or convert them to yours. One thing most families share is their religious beliefs. And choosing to switch might be a breaking point for the family. On the other hand, your partner might not be willing to convert to your religion and would prefer to go with their religion or stay out of religion entirely. As you can see, there could be a huge problem here. How do you solve it?

The decision you have to make has to ensure that you do not entirely break away from your family. At the same time, it does not need to end up making your partner drift away from you. The most essential thing is to ensure that whichever decision you make is the best for you personally. Religion is a sensitive issue, and it can break a marriage or family entirely. We recommend that you decide before the marriage how you are going to tackle the religious issue and discuss it with your partner. If you fail to find common ground with your other half, we recommend that you call off the marriage. If your family has a difficult time accepting your decision, you will have a lot of time to convince them. It is a fragile issue, which you need to handle with care.

Family Relocation

If you were living close to your family before marriage, your partner might want to move. Marriage is a huge step, and your family will be vouching for you to succeed at it. In their quest to ensure that you are happy, they might end up suffocating your marriage. If you have a chance to move elsewhere, and if your partner wants to, we recommend that you do. It is if it will not leave you bankrupt, and all the other factors are in perfect order. This decision will help you build an independent family and give you and your partner enough space to map out the best way to build your family. It does not necessarily mean you have to disconnect from your family. The effect of you moving away from your family’s wing might be difficult for them. Try to keep them updated, and if you can, consult with them on some of the major decisions you make.

Top Marriage and Family Conflict – Children

It is one area that your family is likely going to try to invade: from the time to have kids to the names of the kids and, in most cases, how you raise them. You and your spouse have to be firm on this one. If you are not ready to have kids, do not be pressured into having kids by your family. Trust us: you will not enjoy the experience, especially the postpartum period. In terms of names, you can always accommodate suggestions since there are no limits to the number of names. It will make your family happy. One area that might also result in a lot of arguments is how to raise the kids. There are no direct methods to raise kids. Families are most likely going to try and impose their way on you. If you and your partner do not agree, please, stand your ground. You are the parents, and you should have the final say on how your kids are raised.

Winding Up

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