Have you ever been asked to send nudes by your significant other? The truth is that you are not the only one. And there have been many people like you who have been asked by others to send them nudes. While most people don’t seem to mind sending nudes to their boyfriends and girlfriends, there are those people who make a big fuss out of it if they do not get nude pictures at the end of the day. As such, the issue of nudes has plagued many of the youths that are living in the 21st century. Should you give in, or they are a luxury that one can simply live without?

Sending Nudes in Relationships: Yay or Nay

We cannot deny the fact that over the years, dating has changed, and one of the main reasons is because of the technology that we are using and rely heavily on. As such, even when it comes to intimacy, people would rather have it online before they meet in person. It is where the issue of sending nude pictures comes in. 

But are they necessary, and is it possible that they can ruin relationships for those who do not send them? Are they a luxury or a must for everyone who is in a relationship these days?

Sending Nudes, Yay!

We Want to See What We are Working with 

There are some people who are all for it, and most of these people are ladies. Why do the ladies want to have the nudes? Well, the reason, according to them, is simple. They want to see what they are working with, especially if they are in search of a partner.

When a man first asks you out, he can see your face as well as the assets that you already have, but as a woman, you can’t see a thing. So, for some women out there, sending nudes is paramount, and it helps them to see if the guy is worth their time or not. 

Sending Nudes for Confidence

For both genders, one of the reasons why they want to see nude pictures is they can judge if the person is confident enough. It is especially true if it is an older woman seeking a younger man and vice versa. If you have the guts to send them a nude picture of your goodies, then they are sure that you have the guts to do well in bed or when you meet physically. So they simply want to see how confident you are in what you are carrying. 

It’s a Turn On

The right nude picture in the matching light will be able to get anyone to come over and see you within just a few minutes. Therefore, another of the reasons why people would rather prefer to send nudes when they are in a relationship is because it turns them on, despite the distance between them. And for others, it helps them keep their sex game on point, considering the age that we are living in. They simply want something that will be able to build anticipation and have you wanting. They send you nude pictures to get you to desire them even more. 

sharing nudes with your partner


While for others, the issue of nude pictures is one that simply revolves around trust. Many people believe that if a person can send you a nude picture, then they simply trust you. It has nothing to do with intimacy but rather with trust and how you build that connection. And while it may be a bit controversial to send nudes to build trust, for other people, it simply works just fine.

Sending Nudes – It’s A No for Me!

Data Hacks

One of the reasons why people do not send nudes, even when they are in the best relationship of their lives, is because of the data hacks. There are times when those nude pictures, even though we assume that they might be safe, can be hacked and accessed by somebody else. Once it happens, if that person has ill intentions, then it’s game over. 


Another reason why some people prefer to not send nudes when they are in relationships is their reputation. As it is all about respecting the relationship boundaries, on the internet, nothing is ever fully erased. As such, one does not want to have those pictures popping up one day to haunt them when they are in a better place. 

They Prefer Physical 

Then, we have some people who prefer physical presence rather than online interaction unless they are up for casual dating. They want to meet you in person and talk to you. They want to be turned when they see you in person as it works better for them, and it is safer for both of you as well. 


Even if you are in a relationship, for some people, there will always be the issue of uncertainty. As such, one of the reasons why they would rather not send the nudes is because they have no idea what the future holds. Because as much as you may love them to death today, tomorrow, things may change. And when they do, no one knows what will happen to the nudes that they sent to you before. 


Therefore, should you send nudes when you are in a relationship or not? Well, we can not provide you with the exact answer to that question, to be honest, because nude pictures, like love, are very controversial. Some justify the sending of nudes since they are in long-distance relationships, and others simply do not trust the internet and the person enough to send them nudes.

To sum it all up, sending nude pictures is something that you will need to discuss with your partner. Some may be for the idea, while others may not approve of it. Of course, the key to enjoying nude swapping (or lack of it) lies with finding the ideal partner who shares that interest. Thanks to online dating websites like Wickedlist, you can now find the perfect partner to share nudes with, all to your heart’s desire, wherever you are in the US – all for free!