Honesty in a relationship, either be it an online date or a casual date, is all about being open and free to tell your partner about everything, including both the hardest and the smallest issues. It is most important when you are planning to be in a long-term relationship. When you are honest, you are being true to yourself and your partner. You do not have to fake your character when you are with your partner because that is being dishonest. Show him how you chew – he must love you the way you are. To have a happy and intimate relationship, you must share your emotions, secrets, and stories you have never shared with your best friends. All that takes honesty to be achieved.

5 Reasons Why Honesty Is Important in Relationships

1) Honesty is the policy of a relationship, especially for a true, long-lasting, and enjoyable relationship, whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship. It builds trust and security in your relationship. You can’t even say “I love you” when you are not sure whether you can trust the person.

2) Being honest guarantees peace of mind because even if he is your boyfriend, he cannot guess what you are thinking or how you feel about his recent Facebook post. So you definitely must discuss with him anything that worries you.

3) Tell the truth to avoid gossip. If you cannot tell her that you feel sad or embarrassed about the way she dresses, she will assume you like it. Then, she will hear your real opinion from your friends, and that should be a disaster.

4) We live in a dangerous world, so being honest means you are protecting your partners from any harm that may come. Honesty guarantees safety in a relationship.

5) Being honest saves you from having to live a lie in front of your partner. Honesty will help your partner understand your background, your past pains, and your feelings about certain activities that happened in your life.

Jealousy and Honesty in Relationship

“Jealousy is a reaction to a perceived threat—real or imagined—to a valued relationship”.

It is easy to feel jealousy in a relationship, especially in an intimate relationship or marriage as it shows love and care between two people. Jealousy is an inevitable emotion. A little bit of it is good and exciting as it is said to draw people together, closer than they were. But the problem occurs when it comes up time after time. Therefore, knowing how to handle jealousy in a healthy way in any relationship is essential so that you do not end up losing the people you love.

How to Handle Jealousy?

Research has shown that most relationships that fall apart because of jealousy dissolve because people fail to address their feelings. Therefore, it is advised that you express your emotions to your partner or friend before things get out of hand. Then, the two of you can talk about how you are going to deal with this issue.

  1. Get to the root of the jealousy.

Knowing the cause or the source of the jealousy is key in resolving issues because jealousy can happen for many reasons that include low self-esteem, betrayal, unrealistic expectations, to mention a few.

  1. Calmly express your jealousy.

If you feel jealous about something your friend or partner is doing, then calmly express how you maturely feel to them and skip the accusations. You can express yourself and what you want to say as long as it is respectful and make sure that your partner or friend is listening to what you have to say.

  1. Don’t secretly go through their stuff.

As tempting as it might seem, going through your partner or friend’s stuff is a wrong move. The last thing you would want is for your partner to think you don’t trust them. Talk about it, don’t let jealousy get the best of you and break the relationship, and trust the two of you have built.

No doubt dealing with feelings needs emotional maturity, willingness to eradicate all the insecurities, and the power to resist the urge to act on impulse. We should note that by learning how to handle jealousy, we become more confident in ourselves and our relationships. In all honesty, the only way you can get your partner to always tell the truth is by always telling the truth yourself.

Should You Always Be Honest with Your Partner?

Well, most people would agree to be honest with their partner whilst some do not. If so, how honest should you be? Many people say there should be honesty in relationships, but is it the best policy in a relationship? Couples should learn to openly discuss everything with each other. It does not matter how small or big the issue might be.

be honest with your partner

But at times, you must be dishonest to protect them. Sometimes people experience difficult relationships because of being honest. When you get in an intimate relationship, honesty is not always required. I guess it is safe to say it is not every day that your partner must hear the truth only. Problems like mistrust will arise, leading to a commotion between you and your partner. Remember, it is not always that your partner should know the truth!

How to Build Trust and Honesty in Relationship?

  1. Be consistent. Someone may ask how to build trust in a relationship. Keeping every word you promise to your partner always so that they can rely on you is important. Building trust between you and your partner happens through actions. Do not expect trust from your partner when you are forgetful of what you had promised.
  2. Communication. It is the most important thing before anything else. With your partner, you should be free to talk about anything. It helps with understanding each other, knowing what works for your relationship and what does not. Learn how to communicate to build honesty in your relationship.
  3. Be honest first. Is your partner insecure, and you want them to open up? Well, it starts with you: make them comfortable, communicate with them on how you feel, and make them feel safe.



“Is honesty really the best policy for relationships?” Well, it depends on what you believe in reality: it is a yes and a no and the same time.
Yes, because honesty is being open, free, and communicating with your partner. These are the 3 attributes for a perfect relationship. Even if it is on a dating website like Wickedlist, I guess being honest counts.
No, because it is not always that your partner should know the truth. At times, you should be dishonest with them not because you are being shady but trying to protect them, especially when it comes to long-term relationships.