First impressions last, and this statement rings true for first dates. If there is a time you need your game to be on point, it is definitely on the first date. No matter how good you are, if your first date is subpar, then it is going to be very difficult to make the relationship work, worse if you’re just out to get a cheeky one nightstand.

Landing the first date has somewhat become easy, thanks mainly to online dating sites like Wickedlist. Online dating is one of the best things to happen in this century, and if you master the online dating dos and don’ts, you are most definitely not going to struggle to pick the first date. The success of a date can only be measured by the frequency of the following updates. If almost all your dates end after the first meetup, then we can certainly agree that your first date etiquette is trash. Do not worry, though, that is exactly what we are going to fix in this article. We are going to ensure that your first dates are nothing but successful.

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Dos, or How to Impress Them on First Date

Choose Perfect Location

It is one of the most important things when it comes to first dates. It is important to note that although you are going out together, you are probably not that familiar with each other. Selecting a location that is private or your apartment might not be the best thing to do. Your date is most probably going to decline even if they agree, they are bound to be a little uncomfortable. Selecting a nice place that has other people around is going to give you an edge. Your date is likely going to be ok with any public space, and comfort is a prerequisite for any successful date. If you are picking the date location, be sure to select something that resonates with your date’s interests. If your date is picking, it is always a good idea to throw in suggestions of places that you would enjoy going to.

Be On Time 

Punctuality is sexy. Nothing shows a sense of purpose more than being on time. It also gives you an edge to be ready and not rush things. Waiting on someone, especially on the first date, is one of the worst experiences that anyone can go through. It dampens the mood, and if you are late, chances are the date is not going to be as good as it was supposed to be. If you cannot make it on time, the best thing you can do is to communicate with your date. It will make it easy on them rather than just going ghost and appearing an hour after the agreed time. 

Look Up Your Date Online

Do not confuse this with stalking, please, do not. Going out with someone you have no basic idea about is a disaster waiting to happen. Thanks to the internet, you can do a little background check to get a basic idea of who you are going out with. Look up their Instagram or Facebook just to find out the subjects that they are most interested in. It will give you an upper hand on the date and will ensure that you never run out of topics (this is important, you do not want to be looking at each other in awkward silence). 

Compliment Your Date

Nothing sets a date for success than a compliment. A compliment will make your partner feel more confident, and more importantly, it makes them feel appreciated. Complement their outfit, and if they chose the date location, be sure to acknowledge their taste (that is if you feel the place is great). These small compliments can easily cement that first date impression. There is also a line between a compliment and inappropriate flattery, do not cross that line, or you could end up having one of the worst dates ever.

Make Your Intentions Clear 

It is one of the most essential things on first dates. Make your intentions clear to ensure that in the end no one feels led on. If you are there just for casual sex, or you are about to get a shot at a long-term relationship, be sure to find a way to make it clear. With online dating sites like Wickedlist, you get to communicate it before even going on the first date. 

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Don’ts, and What to Avoid on First Date

There are dozens of things you should not do on a date, but these are the most important ones.

Do Not Use Your Cellphone

I know the bond between you and your cellphone is a little too strong to forgo (because it’s all the same for everybody nowadays). On your first date, it is, however, very important to focus on the face to face interaction rather than typing on your cellphone. Using your cellphone during a date is rude. It clearly shows disinterest in the date, and it might hurt your partner. They might end up thinking they are boring, yet it is you who is just plain rude. If you are not interested, just let your date know, and you are free to leave.

Do Not Turn Your Date into Therapy Session

The main purpose is to get to know each other better, but there is a line you should not cross. Be sure to be open, but not too talkative. If you end up trying to divulge all your problems on your first date, it is bound to become a little weird. It means as much as you want to talk, be sure to give your partner a chance to talk too. It will do a lot in helping you avoid saying some inappropriate things.

Do Not Wear Anything Uncomfortable

A wardrobe malfunction can ruin your first date and should be avoided at all costs. Try as much as you can to wear something that is both sexy and comfortable. You want your clothes to impress, not to make you uncomfortable. Be sure to know where you are going and dress accordingly. The last thing you would want is drawing all the attention to yourself, the wrong kind of attention.

As we wind up, the truth is that the first dates are usually uneasy. However, that shouldn’t deter you from shooting your shot and going for the experience. Take on a positive attitude, keep these dos and don’ts in mind, and you’ll definitely enjoy it. Got no prospects? Wickedlist got you covered with tonnes of sexy and eager singles wherever you are in the US! Just be sure to wear great underwear because you never know where this first date ends up… wink, wink!