Texting has made communication easier and more efficient. It is also by far one of the best things to happen to the dating niche in the past 20 years. But as the adage goes, a tool is only as good as the user. Online dating platforms like Wickedlist gives you a chance to meet the perfect partner without having to hope for “unplanned” run-ins and allows you to text them and ask them out, without having to leave the site. If your texting game is a little below par, then you probably disagree with the first statement. The thing is a lot of people struggle with texting, and some do not even know how to do it properly…. YES, there’s a proper way to do it! In this article, we are going to dive into how you can polish up your texting. Remember, effective communication, which is more of texting than anything else, is the key to scoring those dates!

Dos, or How to Text Your Date

There are a dozen important things we do when texting, but there are still a few ones we miss. If we add these elements to our texting, whether you are trying to score a long term relationship or just some kinky good old casual sex, then you will never go wrong!

  • Texting First Is Not Always Bad Idea  

That egocentric urge to act like you do not care is usually the biggest problem that may cause people to lose interest or gain none to continue chatting. Yes, excessive texts are quite a turn-off, but indifference is an even bigger issue. Especially if you are looking for a long term relationship, that egotistic urge might make it very difficult. Sometimes the only thing between both you and a beautiful conversation is just ego. Texting first only is not enough. It has to be done right, and here is how.

how to text to get to the first date

  • Art of First Text 

It is the text that sets the tone for the whole conversation, and this is one point where you can not make a mistake. Your first text should strike the perfect balance between flirtation and patience. You must sound flirty, yes, but maintain composure at the same time. This piece on what you need to do if they do not reply can also come in pretty handy.

  • Use Proper Grammar

Well, this is one thing that most people do not take seriously, but trust us, it’s very essential. For some people, terrible grammar is quite a turn-off, and if your first text is written with dozens of grammatical errors, it might receive a cold response or nothing at all in the worst-case scenario. Just to be safe, try to use good grammar, especially at the initial stages of your texting escapade. Try to avoid slang and shorthand. It is tedious and very difficult to understand( it is a gamble you should not take). Be sure to also keep up with current dating trends: it is essential to help relate with those you are texting.

“Wyd?” – Do not send these types of texts in those first few chats, never!

  • Always Respond as Fast as You Can 

The most integral part of texting etiquette is always responding to texts. If someone pings you, especially someone you are trying to get a date with, always respond. Nobody likes being left reading. If there is a quick way of making someone lose interest, it is ignoring their texts. If you can not respond right away, it is a good idea to always let them know that you are a little tired, and you will respond as soon as you can. Always responding is great, but you know what’s better? Always replying quickly. Quick replies give a conversation the perfect flow and can help in building and maintaining interest.

  • Re-read Texts before Texting

Autocorrect is a great tool, but sometimes it can go bananas. Even if you have it turned on, it is imperative to always re-read your texts before sending them. It helps you to catch mistakes before they cause a problem for you. Typos and errors are common, but autocorrection can make them worse. It can make your text mean a different thing and still make sense. It is something you would want to avoid, so be sure to re-read your texts before clicking on that send button.

text your date with proper grammar

Don’ts, or How to Spoil First Impression

There are hundreds of things you should not do when texting, but these below are the greatest transgressions when it comes to texting.

  • Do Not Ping Pong

Ping pong is a term used to describe the ‘art’ of texting back and forth without any substance. It mostly involves countless questions with one-word answers. The very moment you see a conversation heading towards ping pong, just terminate as soon as possible. Ping ponging drains the soul out of any conversation and eventually the relationship that you have built. Unless you have some essential things to talk about, it is better to rather not text.

  • Do Not Always Send Negative Texts

We know that times are bound to be difficult, and it’s quite therapeutic to talk to someone about it. Yet always bombing on someone you like might strain the relationship. Always complaining about the weather or your job is not the best way to hold a conversation. They are probably having some terrible lapses as well, so your negative down moments might make their mood even worse. Nothing beats positivity, so, yeah, try to tone down your chat and let your texts be a reason for someone’s smile.

  • Don’t Double or Triple Text

If you send someone a text, and they do not respond, there is no need to send a follow-up text. They probably saw your text and have a good reason why they did not respond (or they just do not want to reply). Double texting does nothing but just makes you look desperate (if not stupid), worse triple texting! It all screams desperation, and it kind of gives the people you are texting another reason to ignore your texts.

  • Do Not Text and Drive 

No matter how great the conversation is, do not be tempted to text whilst driving. Just be courteous and safe, and tell them that you will talk to them as soon as you are done. You do not want to die and miss those future dates.

As we wind up, the truth is texting is an art, and the good thing is you can easily perfect it. Whether you are a man seeking a woman, a woman seeking a woman, or LGBTQ, you need to up your texting game if you intend to capture the interest of your matches. One awesome antidote to texting block is finding the right partner who shares your interests, hence is easy to talk to without much effort. Head over to Wickedlist today and find that perfect match who meets your preferences and start texting your way to a successful date now!