Sex is one of the best physical activities out there that, coupled with the explosion of pleasure that is an orgasm, is probably one of the feelings that nothing can replicate. Although the act is physical, nothing spices it up more than the right sex sound made at the right time. Join us as we explore more on the subject!

There is no such thing as perfect sex, but if there is one thing that can get any sex session closer to perfection, then it is the perfect sounds from both partners. The moaning, the groaning, that slapping sound of bodies hitting each other in perfect sync, there is nothing in the world that can top that. The problem is that most people do not understand the magnitude that sex sounds carry during sex. As such, they tend to ignore them and end up having lackluster sex sessions.

Knowing How Sex Sound

The main challenge is that people do not know and cannot differentiate between certain sounds during sex. Because of this, they don’t know how to respond to the sounds, making the session either awkward or straight up disappointing. In this article, we are going to talk about all the sounds that people make during sex: what they mean, and how you should respond to them just to make sure you maximize pleasure.

Panting and More Panting

Our first pick is panting, being a pretty common sound. Panting is just accelerated breathing and can sometimes turn into animalistic panting, depending on the intensity of the sex session. Do not worry if it gets to that. It simply means you are doing it right. Panting means your partner is giving all they have, and the best you can do is give your all to them as well. Nothing beats reciprocal energy when it comes to sex. Do not be ashamed if you start panting. It means everything is going on well, just relax and keep doing what you were doing.

Muffled Near-Silent Groans

These are usually made to go straight into your partner’s ears. These mostly come about when you and your partner are going about it in the missionary position. They are nearly silent, but they are some of the main indicators of pleasure. They are a sign that sex is pleasing and sensual. It is usually the response when the sex is slow and passionate. The best way to respond is to probably continue doing exactly what you were doing because it is perfect.

Gushing Compliments

Has your partner ever stopped in the middle of some intense strokes to pull your hair back and whisper to you how beautiful you are? If they have not, they definitely should. These gushing compliments make sex worthwhile. Imagine mid-stroke your partner tells you how good your stroke game is. That will surely make them do their best. These gushing comments should remain at a minimum, though. You do not want sex to turn into a flirt session.

compliments during sex sound sexy

Yelling as One of Most Exciting Sex Sound

Yes, this is not just something you see or hear in high intense porn movies. It happens in real life. Sex pumps a lot of adrenaline into the body. Adrenaline can make you do a lot of things unconsciously, and yelling is one of those crazy things. Yelling means the sex session makes all the right buttons being pressed, and in most instances, yelling and orgasm go hand in hand. And orgasm is certainly something everyone wants to achieve during sex. When the yelling gets louder, know the sex is getting better. If you want to yell, do yell (just make sure it does not affect people in the next room).

High-Pitched Squeals

These are weird and are hard to control. When the sex gets well, the body takes over, and trust us, on this stage, plenty of noises happen, and most of them are weird. High-pitched squeals can be quite confusing; they might be signaling either pain or pleasure. It might mean the sex is not being done right, or it is a little too good. The best thing you can do to respond to high-pitched squeals and other weird sounds is to ask your partner whether to continue or go a little easy on them.

Screaming – It’s How They’d Like Your Sex Sound

Screaming just like yelling is a signal for pleasure. If the screaming continues to increase, then it means there is an excess of satisfaction. Screaming might also mean that something has been broken, so be sure to check with your partner if the screaming gets a little irregular, simply take a break and ask!

Crazy Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is great: nothing more, nothing less. Dirty talk is an essential ingredient of good sex. There are no limits to dirty talk during sex. “F##k me harder daddy”, ever heard this in movies, or better off in porn? Well, the reason why it is so popular is that it elevates the pleasure that comes with sex to a point that, well, let’s just say, unexplainable. The art of talking dirty during sex is making sure you pronounce everything with conviction. To add a  little flavor to the role play, make sure that your dirty talk is in sync with the roles you are playing, especially with BDSM. If you are playing cops, make sure your dirty talk has a little bit of policing terminology just to make the sex session perfect.

There are a lot of sounds during sex, and both men and women make them. Of course, men often tend to limit theirs to grunts and groans, but you can still detect some different tones and depth to those basic sounds if you pay attention. What you need to make sure is you know how to respond: either by responding to the sound, intensifying the current moves/actions, or perhaps maintaining whatever it is that brought the sound on!

As a general rule, sex in dead silence is quite a bore, don’t hesitate to make all the sounds you want to make. Your partner will understand (unless, of course, you’re trying to bang out a discreet quickie with friends or family close by). Looking for someone to moan away with? The Wickedlist dating site got you covered, whether you’re after casual sex or some long-term relationship with the ideal partner anywhere in the US!