There are many people in relationships with multiple partners, yet their relationship is supposed to be monogamous. The trend is common in both casual relationships and long-term relationships. We are not going to ask why people are doing it. We know they have good reasons for walking that path. One thing that you have to understand is that having multiple partners is not easy. You have to be on top of your game all the time.

Disclaimer: Having multiple partners is an extreme sport. If you do get caught, the consequences might be dire. 

How to Juggle Multiple Partners

If you have more than one partner, and you want to make sure that all these relations are seamless, you have to follow several guides. Whether the relationships are merely for casual sex or a romantic pursuit, you need to juggle these well.

Keep It a Secret

One thing that you have to do is to make sure that you keep all your partners in the dark about the other partners in your life. It might seem like a refreshing idea to get them comfortable with one another, but trust us, it is not. What it will only do is make the whole relationship triangle complex and shaky. If you are being suspected, do all you can to lay off all suspicions. Volunteering your guilt will not help your relationships, all of them, to be precise. It means that when it comes to having multiple partners, secrecy is essential.

Keep Your Phone Clean

There are various means of security and secrecy that you can employ in your life to prevent your partners from “bumping into each other”. Cellphones have made it difficult for people to keep a secret, and, on the other hand, cellphones have made it easy to juggle multiple partners, especially services like craigslist and backpage have made it quite simple.

The best idea might seem to reinforce security on your phone by using various security measures like passwords and biometric locks. It works, but it is most likely going to stir up suspicion. If you are in multiple relationships, the goal is to keep all the partners happy and ward off suspicion as much as you can. Different passwords, especially if they just come abruptly, will make relations a little cringy.

If you are using your cellphone to communicate with all your partners, you should prefer phone calls rather than texts. This way, there is very little to be traced back to you. If you do decide to text, make sure you clear the evidence that might be incriminating. There is no need to be sentimental about keeping texts. Keep all the nice bits for your physical interactions. The last thing you would want is a screenshot of yourself sharing nudes to a partner leaking. The cellphone is one of the main reasons why people get caught cheating. Make sure it is not the one thing that gets you caught.

Do Not Change Your Sex Routine with Multiple Partners

If you are having sex with a partner, and a new one comes around, the easiest way they will find out is a change in your sexual habits. If you used to have a routine when it comes to sex, please, stick to it. Changing how you act sexually towards your partner will raise eyebrows.

Most people tend to enjoy sex with one of the partners, and they end up starving the rest of the pack. Keep it constant and balanced, especially when it comes to sex. No one is as suspicious as a sexually frustrated partner. Keep that in mind.

Do Not Take Photos of Multiple Partners

The biggest problem with having more than one partner is that you tend to get a little comfortable, and you might end up digging yourself into a hole. One thing that will crucify you if it ever comes out is a photo. It is why it is essential to shy away from the camera until you are sure about your relationship status. You do not need to document every fling, especially with photos.

juggling multiple partners

Photos are very hard to deny, especially if they are real. Try to avoid incriminating photographs. There is no need to snap yourselves in the nude if you have another partner. These pictures can be used to blackmail you or, in the worst-case scenario, to avenge you. Nude pictures and intimate photos are pretty much a no-go for people who want to commit, do not wade into that boat if you have multiple partners!

Keep the Relationships Short

Having multiple partners comes with a certain rush. The very moment you extend the relationships beyond their enjoy-by date, you risk getting caught or hurting someone’s feelings. It means that as much as you want to cheat, you do not need to go on doing it forever. A short relationship will keep you on your toes and ensure that you never get caught. If you stick around the same partners for a long time, they will eventually catch you in the act of cheating.

Keep Sex Safe

The biggest downside to having several partners is the spread of diseases like HIV. If you are having sexual relationships with more than one partner, please, use protection. It is the most important tip when it comes to juggling multiple partners. The last thing you would want is to get out of the game with a disease or, worse, spreading it to a partner that was faithful to you. If you are going to get in the bedsheets with multiple partners, wear a condom. Keep the sex safe!

Do Not Get Cocky!

Once someone has had multiple partners for a while, they tend to get cocky, and they eventually slip up. Just because your partners trust you a little more does not mean you have to keep your guard down. Keep doing what you were doing from the beginning, and, trust us, you will run all your relationships seamlessly. Getting caught cheating is one of the hardest experiences you can ever go through, and we would not wish it on anyone. Keep your head down and your guard up.

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