One thing about cheating is that it is difficult to hide, and in most instances, you are bound to notice it. Cheating is a huge secret that is usually painful to your partner and you also. There are several signs that people who are cheating show, and we will help you identify them. Cheating happens to those who are dating casually and those in long-term relationships. No one is really safe. The signs might differ from person to person, but we will be talking about some general features that should be easy to detect.

Signs that Your Partner Is Cheating

If you are trying to get to know whether your partner is cheating or not, you have to understand that you are already suspicious. Then, something in your relationship has changed, and it gives you a reason to try to investigate and find out if your suspicions are true.

Secretive Phone Use of Cheating Partner

It is one of the main signs that your partner is cheating. One thing you have to understand is that nowadays the cellphone is the most reliable means of communication. And cheating requires connection and chatting. If your partner starts to be secretive with their phone, you need to start asking questions. If your other half replies to calls in private and uses several locks, then they might be having another relationship.

Most people in relationships can touch and use each other’s phones. If you and your partner used to do this, you should be suspicious when it abruptly stops. Another sign that your partner might be cheating is the use of passwords and cleared chats, which is a common trait of lies.

Change in Sex Patterns

One thing that cheating does is it changes your partner’s behavior patterns. The most affected is your partner’s sexual manner. If your partner is cheating, chances are that his attitude towards sex with you changes. Most people tend to ignore their partner’s sexual needs and often find excuses not to have sex. It is because of a drop in libido due to them getting sexual satisfaction from their other partner.

If you had a sex routine, and your partner starts to change and ignore it, you have to be suspicious. In some instances, when a cheating partner makes love to you, they tend to be visibly distracted. As a result, some men might even struggle with erectile dysfunction. These are signs that you should look out for, especially if you are in a long-term relationship.

Unwarranted Hostility as Result of Cheating

The guilt conscience that comes with cheating is a little too hard to swallow. That is why one of the signs is unwarranted hostility towards you. People that are cheating often find a reason to be angry. They tend to magnify and inflate every tiny issue to lash out at you. If your partner suddenly becomes hostile towards you, chances are they might be cheating. In other cases, the hostility might turn physical. If it gets to this, it will be a good idea to call it quits. Move on before worse happens!

how to identify cheating partner

Avoiding Issues about Cheating

A common trait in cheating partners is discomfort whenever issues of infidelity are raised. If you want to notice this, partners that are cheating tend to lose interest even on TV shows that are about infidelity. They often tend to shrug off these issues and show no interest in discussing them. The guilt conscience might be the reason for this unwarranted discomfort. It on its own might not be a sign of infidelity. But if it couples out with some of the traits on this list, then you definitely should be concerned.

Common Lengthy Blackout Periods

There are so many gadgets that are constantly updating your significant other on what you are up to. If your partner is having regular update blackouts that were not there before, they might be cheating on you. Your other half can find it difficult to communicate with you when they are with their other partner. It might be the main reason for the common communication blackouts. The best way to deal with this is by asking them why they are unreachable at certain periods. Make sure you are not confrontational when you ask. The last thing you would want is to start the fight for something that is not the real issue.

Irregular Spending Patterns of Cheating Partner

Cheating needs money. If your partner is spending time with someone, they are bound to make some strange financial decisions. It is not easy to mask those expenses, and if you notice irregular spending patterns, your partner might be seeing somebody else. Cheating might get expensive, and your partner could start to get desperate for money to use for their leisure. If they are spending significantly more than they usually do without a clear reason, the money might be going to the third partner in your relationship.

If you notice this behavior, try to cut it off before your partner ends up drowning in debt. If you identify the irregular sending patterns, try to find out where the money is going. But be careful: asking them might result in them lying or starting a fight.

Other Reasons for Unusual Behavior Except Cheating

It is important to note that your partner might show these signs (and some we did not mention) but still be loyal. These extreme behaviors might also be a result of mental health issues. That is why you need to get enough evidence before accusing your partner of cheating. These signs should help you be attentive and ready to investigate; they do not necessarily mean your partner is cheating.

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