Sex is one of the most essential aspects when you are in a relationship. Creating such a bond may change your entire perspective towards the relationship. And being sexually fluid in a relationship may come with so many advantages, especially for a long-term relationship. If you feel lost, this article will be giving you the ultimate guide on the concept of sexual fluidity and the advantages that it comes with.

What Is Sexual Fluidity

There are times you might want to experiment a little bit sexually and by dating casually. It does not have to be a daily occurrence, but it may be a one-in-a-while occasion. At some point, whether you identify as a homosexual or heterosexual, you will find a man or a woman attractive. And if you have a sexually fluid partner, you will be able to explore the concept even further. But if you read our article on juggling multiple partners like a pro, you might be able to get away with it without your other half knowing.

There is a difference between being sexually fluid and bisexual. Of course, it sounds the same, taking into account that you will be considering both sexual parties. But being sexually fluid is not permanent. For some, it can be more of an experiment while they get to see the sexual party that they decide to be associated with.

Relationships and Sexual Fluidity

A healthy relationship is only possible with someone whom you can get to show your true self without the fear of being judged. That way, you can express yourself freely and the different things you would want to try out. And you still feel happy and fulfilled. At the end of the day, you are not left wondering about what it would have been like to engage in the activity you dream of.

If your partner suggests that they want to try exploring different sexual groups, men or women, it does not mean that they love you any less. Some may see it as a sign of disrespecting the relationship. But imagine what it would have been like if they had hidden this part of them from you. Therefore, you can try and be supportive. You can be a part of it and explore with them, or you can get to support them from afar and not get yourself involved. What is important is that you give them the freedom to live their lives and explore what works better for them.

Law of Attraction

It is easy for anyone to be sexually fluid, especially for casual daters. There is no particular rule that binds the law of attraction. Hence, you will find yourself being sexually inclined to some random person without a proper reason why.  The only difference now is that it may not be a person from the same sex that you are probably aligned with. Therefore, you just want to feel what it would possibly be/feel like. Then, you can get to decide on whether or not you would want to make it a regular situation.

Any gender can get to try the whole concept of being sexually fluid – it is not limited. But, according to the research, women are more sexually fluid as compared to men. And it may be due to the different social norms that regard men as less manly if they identify as bisexual or homosexual. Therefore, most of them do not decide to act upon their sexual desires. 

On the other hand, women have a little more freedom and fewer judgments to worry about. Some have even gotten to women who are sexually fluid as fearless and sexy. Either way, there should be room for both genders to explore their sexuality without the fear of facing any particular stereotypes.

Is Being Sexually Fluid Normal?

Yes, it is. You cannot really control the law of attraction. There is no need for you to worry about the different judgemental parties who may think that it is queer or abnormal. The law of attraction can make you inclined to one gender today, then the next day, it fades and shifts to the other gender. There are different things that may pull you to liking someone: it can be physical traits or personality.

concept of sexual fluidity

But there are a number of things that may put you off as well. If we are talking about fluid, we are referring to something that can easily shift its shape from one form to the other. Being sexually fluid means that you can get to be attracted to something and easily lose interest very soon. Or get sexually attracted to something else the next day. And, according to plenty of sexologists, it is quite a normal occurrence.

When Should You Regard Yourself as Sexually Fluid?

Lots of people do not regard themselves as bisexual or pansexual. Rather, they prefer calling themselves sexually fluid. You cannot really be sure yet about where you really belong at a given moment, but you do not mind going both ways. Now, there are so many different things that you will be doing, which will make you be regarded as being fluid. These involve the following:

  • You may just like kissing or cuddling with one gender. But you do not really reach the part where you get to have sex.
  • You can enjoy a particular sexual position with one specific gender. But you can do plenty of different positions with the other gender.
  • You can just look for physical satisfaction from one particular gender. Then, you can want to pursue something more with the other gender.

According to some sexologists, being sexually fluid is likely the same as being sexually confused. Meaning, you are still trying to figure out where exactly you belong. But if you start feeling yourself being attracted to particular sex that is different from the one that you are usually attracted to, you can get to explore it. It is when you can get to regard yourself as being sexually fluid.

Meaning of Sexual Fluid Relationships

A relationship that is sexually fluid means that you get to create room for multiple sexual partners. It is more like having an open relationship. There are some Hollywood celebrities that identify themselves as being part of an open relationship culture. And even though they will still be considered to be married or aligned to one particular person, they can make love with other people.

Therefore, you can experiment and become couples seeking threesomes, foursomes, or even get to look for couples seeking couples and be a part of the swinger couples. There are plenty of couples seeking a woman or a man to help spice up their relationship. There are many reasons that can trigger the need to be in a sexually fluid relationship. And for some, it is not only limited to sex. It will also mean that you can get to be in more of a polygamous relationship. The basis of the entire concept in a relationship is that you give your partner the freedom and the space they need.

Advantages of Being in Sexually Fluid Relationship

 The pros of being in a sexually fluid relationship include the following:

  • You get certainty about sexual orientation.
  • It is more fun.
  • There is freedom in the relationship.
  • According to research, some couples have gotten stronger from this experience.
  • There is room for spontaneity.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reasons why you need to try having a sexually fluid relationship. And, unlike how people may view it, it is normal, and anyone can get to practice it. All you need to do is make sure that your partner is aware and approves of it.

Winding Up

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