We know that relationships in the office are considered to be taboo and unprofessional, even for casual daters. But there is no need for you to miss out on what the heart really wants. Who knows? Maybe, that is the way that you were supposed to find your soulmate at the end of the day. But what if your boss turns out to be the one? It would mean that you must have a lot of guts to be able to confess your feelings. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to help you make sure that the feeling is mutual as well.

A Little Bit of Flirting Flattery Will Go a Long Way

You should flatter the employer a bit more than complimenting their outfit in the hallway every day. People enjoy knowing someone to notice their own accomplishments; it helps you to get bonus points. Inquire on how he landed the new contract, praise his professional skills and abilities that made him nail a deal. Only keep in mind that you are not a groupie and that your employer is not David Kaufman.

Then, avoid being so simple and straightforward. You desire him, yet you wouldn’t want the rest of the world to realize you love him.  Make “the movements” in a discreet manner. Keep smiling a little, joke, flip your hair, and use other flirting means that only he can see. Your boss will get the signal if he has a decent radar. Just make sure you know how to navigate office romance.

Your intuition will tell you to impress him, pursue him everywhere, do and say something to get on his good side and be ready to satisfy him. Please do not! You’ll only embarrass yourself and be overlooked. He’s unlikely to appreciate your attempts too. No one likes an ass licker, and your co-workers are likely to notice excessive attention to your boss. It may put you on their hate list.

Know More about Your Boss

Do more research or become a spy if you have to. Just make sure that you know all that you could possibly get to know. That way, you can easily channel the conversations. Discover as much as you can about the employer from his buddies, relatives, acquaintances, etc. Find out where he went to school. Maybe, it was the same school you attended, then this fact can make it possible to create a bond. Perhaps, your employer attends the same church as you and is interested in the same charity. Bosses are more likely to recognize and trust employees if they can relate you to their personal lives outside of employment. Once that trust is established, then you can go ahead and work your way to his heart. It is not the same as ass-kissing.

Making someone feel confident for oneself entails massaging his ego. Increase his self-assurance. If he cracks a joke, laugh. Whenever he’s spoken, raise your head and be alert, even though what he’s doing doesn’t sound right. He deserves to be recognized. It is how to snatch a lover and steal all their love, even if you plan to be dating casually.

Be Sexy for Your Boss

It does not imply that you should wear vulgar clothes at work! Yeah, micro-mini skirts and plunging necklines will catch his eye, but they can give him the wrong idea. Look stylish, intelligent, and appealing to the eyes. Learn how to apply makeup correctly to highlight your best features. Make an effort to smell good: make sure the scent isn’t too intense. Otherwise, he could end up sneezing the whole day. Instead of him wanting to be close to you, he might end up chasing you away from his office.

Purposefully walk all around the office. Your employer will be impressed by your confident, fast strides. It will make you seem productive and dedicated to the task at hand. Not only are you going to win his heart in the process, but you will probably land yourself a promotion.

Be Attentive to Your Boss

Allow them to speak and actually listen. Nod soothingly to demonstrate that you are involved. Whenever it’s your time to talk, make absolutely sure that what you’re going to say is significant and adds to how he’s just said without being patronizing. Most notably, know when to stop communicating because men dislike being out of control of a discussion.

Be very intelligent and articulate when dealing with him. Often recall previous conversations, particularly names. When it comes to work, try as hard as you can not forget people’s names or other essential information. If it is appropriate, jot it down in a notebook. Show that you are listening to whatever he says, and you are taking it seriously.

Be Their Happy Place

Sometimes, work can be quite stressful and hard. And you just need some cheering up here and there. Therefore, do maintain an optimistic attitude, cheerful demeanor, smile, and be sincere when doing so. If there is one thing that an employer finds appealing, it is a team member that radiates positive energy, even though everybody else is pessimistic.

be a good worker for your boss

Just Be a Good and Unique Worker

Anticipate your employer to ignore you like you’re similar to any other person in the workplace or, in the context of females, a regular girl. Find opportunities to stand out without being obnoxious, disrespectful, or stepping on others’ toes. Let your thoughts and messages out without trampling on the ideas of your co-workers.

Work efficiently and get along with others. Bosses adore squad leaders because they are dependable. Working hard is another effective tool. It is the most effective method for making him drool. Be the best at what you’re doing and follow the deadline to prove to him that you are valuable and responsible.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking for love. Of course, workplace affairs tend to be tricky, but you never know when the right person will come along! Therefore, Wickedlist is there to make sure that you are not left lonely in this journey called life. Sign up for free today wherever you are in the US!