As much as we may love casual sex and the thrill of hooking up with random people, sometimes we just can’t avoid catching feelings. It’s a rite of passage for us all. Thus, we have to learn to handle the heartbreak that almost always follows. However, with all the ‘hippy’ relationships flying around, committing yourself to a long-term relationship now puts you at an even worse-off situation. That special someone that you decide to love can easily cause you a serious heartbreak unwittingly, something which both August and Will can testify to. That’s why for start, you should define what’s the current status of your couple: is it just an entanglement or genuine committed relationship?

What Defines Committed Long-Term Relationship

With so many dating websites out there, finding a partner that is interested in you is no longer the hustle it used to be. Online dating websites like Wickedlist even enable you to find your perfect match who is in your specific area, a convenience that our older generations never got to really enjoy. Now, having found that special someone, is the ensuing association is a committed relationship destined to last?

Granted, Wickedlist allows you to find other users seeking something similar to what you’re also seeking i.e. casual sex or a long-term relationship. However, are we to take the status at face value and contend with what the other person says?

Now, relationships do come in various forms. Sure enough, the first step is to both agree on what you want from each other. Having found a sexy single lady or hot guy on the dating website for casual sex, it seems one cannot then expect it to transform into something bigger. But then, are we overlooking the possibility of two consenting adults to eventually fall in love and want something committed after engaging in casual sex for a long time? You can check out our blog on turning a casual relationship into a committed one if you’re in such a scenario.

Relationship Features

To get back to our initial query, a committed long-term relationship is initially defined by a verbal acknowledgment by BOTH parties! Regardless of how you met, you can never amount to more if both of you aren’t on the same page. And no matter how much one party has fallen in love with the other!

So, is the verbal acknowledgment sufficient? Heck no! Some people acknowledge feelings out of a mere inability to reject love proposals. Or they simply want to avoid losing the benefits that you bring to them (sexual, financial, or emotional). Acknowledgment is only the beginning, there are lots of other love languages that must be observed. Does your partner spend quality time with you? Does he/she bother gifting you on occasion with the things you love? Are there any acts of service such as concern and assistance in times of need between you two?

Most important of all, it’s only a relationship if the two (or three) of you are fully aware and OK with each other’s conduct. For instance, if you’re dating a bisexual partner, your relationship isn’t genuine until you talk about it and every other encounter that happens without you around. Why? Simply because a relationship is all about liking someone for all he/she is and being ok with it. Those hidden details can be a key factor in determining whether you’re attracted to them or not. This goes both ways too, if you’re hiding something, you are definitely not ready to commit!


A lot of people out there are bragging about their relationships, which are really just entanglements! Now, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Let’s define entanglements as messy associations, relationships without defined labels. This is very different from casual sex and random hook-ups because at least the parties involved know very well that it’s all about sex, no attachments!

With entanglements, there is always a deluded party that thinks he/she is in love. The other party is usually just living out some sexual fantasies or enjoying the awesome sex without wanting any strings attached! It gets even worse if one of you is a pathological liar or emotional junky. The latter lies to make the other party stay or even encourages romantic feelings, yet getting up to no good on the down-low! The best way to avoid entanglements is simply by choosing the right partner for you!

long-term relationship or entanglement

Relationship Discrepancies – It’s Entanglement!

No matter how hard you try to be honest with your partner, there’s never a guarantee that you also get the same honesty in return, is there? As such, it’s always up to every individual to evaluate your current status and decide whether it’s entanglement or relationship. Here are the key discrepancies to watch out for.

Lack of Mutual Understanding and Respect

It’s only a relationship if your partner respects the mutually agreed values and conduct. If your partner breaks such values like monogamous sex, then you’re entangled, and your heartbreak is on its way!

Secret Keeping

This one is for those in a committed long-term relationship. If you’re shut out of your partner’s certain life aspect, it’s an entanglement, unfortunately! Issues like drug use, gambling, life occupation should always be openly discussed so that you go through it as a couple! The same goes for simple things like phone access. As much as we all have a right to privacy, a partner that freaks out about you on his/her phone is probably keeping damning secrets!

One-Sided Tendencies

Are you the one always calling and texting? Are you the one always showing up to support and assist, yet you never get the same? I’m afraid, it’s not a relationship, just a classic one-sided entanglement affair! Check out more tips on how to tell if you’re being cheated on, a common cause of one-sided love!

Bad Company

The company that your partner keeps says a lot about them as a person. Never believe all that ‘these are my crazy friends’ bullshit! If he/she plays with the wicked, they’re surely one of them! It is, therefore, up to you to decide whether you are ok with the behavior of your partner’s company. If you’re not, then you’re probably also not a great fit for a proper long-term relationship. It’s just a messy entanglement that you need to get rid of.

So, Is It Relationship or Entanglement?!

I know a lot of people who would disagree with me on almost every single assertion in this piece. There’s a lot of ‘my rights’ slogan going on out there such that people are hell-bent on living their lives as they please. However, relationships are never about one person. It’s about accommodating someone in your life and making compromises, something which many ‘hippy’ generations aren’t ready to hear about. The reality, however, is that it’s best to always be clear about what you want. This is just right not to leave someone wondering whether it’s entanglement or relationship. Also, when you have it, be sure to do all you can to keep your relationship healthy.

Deep down, most of us know very well when a relationship sucks. But we still hold on due to the fear of being alone, choosing to ignore the red flags. Well, such is the source of our misery, so never ignore that gut feeling. There is plenty of fish in the sea! You deserve someone who’s really committed to making things work with you in a long-term relationship, not a messy entanglement. Try out the Wickedlist online dating site and find your perfect match who treats you the way you should!