Imagine loving someone so much that you can’t even think about spending a day without them, and the next thing you know is that they have been seeing other women behind your back, having casual dates with others, or even got a long-term relationship while ignoring you. Many women have to face this sad reality at some point in their life.

Most of these women don’t have a clue of what is expecting them in the future, especially when people call you a crazy, sneaky girlfriend who is spying through her man’s phone. So, what should be done in such helpless situations even when the man is lying about casual dating? That is exactly what I am going to teach you today.

A man’s loyalty is reflected in his actions. If he invests his time in you and values you like the Greek goddess you are, then he is a keeper. Do you know why? Because men love investing in things they value.

Clues to Watch Out for in Long Term Relationship

Let’s look at it from a different perspective, a man who values attention and care from his partner is more likely to cheat rather than a man who values loyalty and passion in the long term relationship.

This means that you don’t have to go through his social media looking for clues that he is having an affair, he will let you know by giving you certain signs.

Start paying more attention to his actions. Does he often ignore your calls and texts? Does he lie to you about certain things? Toxic behavior like this will be the first sign. He will always be frustrated about irrelevant things, blame you for them, and pick fights with you even if you two are in a long term relationship for ages. He will start investing themselves sentimentally to other women, becoming distant from you.

It is critical of you to understand that your man may make you feel like he loves you, but the way he treats you will be the proof of whether he values you or not. Love and respect go hand in hand if you want to have a healthy and lasting relationship with your partner.

But what if you get in a relationship with a guy, and you’re not sure if he still loves his ex? He sure as hell has a reason to lie about that…

Sometimes past lovers can still hold a place in your heart. Men try to hide this and lie about it. If you ever feel like you are not sure if your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex, I would offer you the same advice. If you suspect that your boyfriend doesn’t value you and always tells you that things will change for the better but doesn’t make an effort for your relationship, you should break up with him. You are a strong woman, a woman who does not settle for less in the long term relationship.

You might be thinking that if that is the case with men, how do I find someone who values me for the person I am? Let me explain that. A man who commits to you makes an effort to build a bond with you. He invests his time, money, and energy to have a future with you, and it reflects in his behavior. You should look for a man who is not seeking social approval because he’s mentally stable enough to understand moral values. That is someone you would want to be with. Ladies, never settle for less, even when you go in for online dating!

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How To Know Whether He Is The Perfect Match or Not

Another way to help you find out that your man is already into another woman or women is that he spends way more time on his phone. Yes, we are all attached to our devices nowadays, but when he spends hours on the phone and does not pay any attention to you even when you are next to him, then that is a big red flag. This is particularly true if he was not even spending that much time texting and hiding with his phone before. A man who loves his woman will always have enough time for his queen because she is very special to him.

But in a case where all he does is spend all his time on the mobile phone and behaves like you do not even exist, then he can be cheating. He may be spending all those hours with another woman, and that is why he is behaving so weird and indifferent towards you. Even when you try to check his phone or ask him about the matter, instead of explaining calmly and lovingly, he will get angry and very aggressive.

A man who is in love with his woman will not react that way. This is particularly true if you did not have any problem accessing his phone before. Once he starts putting passwords everywhere, then you should be careful and attentive if you want to solve it.

Besides, if he also does not pay attention to your look, that is a big sign that he is giving that attention to another person. For example, if you make a new hair or you get a new dress, and your man not even get distracted from his stuff, then there is a problem. If you have to ask him if your new dress or shoe is good or not, then his mind is in another place. Men have the habit of cherishing and adoring whoever they love. So, they never fail to notice even the tiniest details. Once your man is cheating, he will be clueless regarding the changes in you.

Creating time to have outings or do things together is a sign of love. For instance, you can go to the movies, take a stroll in the park, or even do some shopping together. But the moment he insists on getting everything done alone without you, that is a sign of his infidelity. A man who is faithful to his woman will want to spend their spare time together. This is a subtle sign that as a lady, you need to watch out.

Furthermore, once you notice that your ideas and contributions mean nothing, he is most likely seeing you as less of a lover and more of just a casual housemate. In a healthy relationship, your views, opinions, and suggestions matter. But when you are with a man who feels that your opinions are worthless, that is a sign you must not ignore. A good man will always value your efforts and contribution. But a cheater who is already emotionally invested in another woman is never going to see the good in you. Once again, this is another subtle hint from a cheating man, but if you are observant enough, you are going to notice it.

Long term relationship sex suffers in most cases when the man is cheating. A man who always craved for your body before now finds you unattractive or even ugly. The most likely reason for this is only because he is already sleeping with another person. A truly caring and passionate man will always see his woman attractive and hot even if she is 90 years old. Because he is cheating, he will suddenly be uninterested in being romantic with you or even complain about your appearance.

All these are pointers to the end of love. It means that a man is already bound emotionally, sexually, or physically to another person. Of course, this can be very devastating, but you knowing about his cheating lifestyle will be ultimately beneficial as it will give you a very good idea of where you are going to move forward and how to cope with the heartbreak. The signs are always there, so do not make the mistake of avoiding to notice them on time. In many cases, all you can rely on is your gut instinct – it rarely misguides you, so you should also listen to your inner voice.