They say when you find the perfect one, you will feel butterflies in your stomach. Well, butterflies are also common when you go down the sex path for the first time, whether it’s a casual sex hookup or some long-term relationship sex. The first time encounter is always exciting, but the good news is you are not alone because your partner is probably feeling the same, whether you’re having a casual sex session or going to get in a committed relationship. There are a dozen things you need to avoid when you go between the sheets for the first time. The reality is that the encounter can have a lot of bearing on your serious relationship or a rerun (for the casual hook-ups) in the future. In this short piece, we will explore how best to execute that first-time sex session when in a new relationship: what to avoid and what to do.

First-Time Sex Timing

The most important thing first! Well, no matter how good your sex game is, if your timing is whack, the whole sex gig will be even worse. If there is something important, it is knowing exactly when to make your sexual intentions clear. There is no perfect, rigid method to follow when it comes to perfect timing in terms of your first-time sex. Once both of you are comfortable enough with each other, things spontaneously happen. But that is not often the case, and more often than not, you have to make your intentions clear. With online dating and most advanced online dating sites, they give you an option to make it clear.

choose the right time for first-time sex

Asking for sex is not that easy, but just try to come off in a way that is not aggressive (you don’t want your approach to be mistaken for sexual harassment). The answer is usually yes if you do it right, but in rare cases, the other party says no – it is important to respect that. The most essential aspect of good sex is consent, and, well, first-time sex has to be good. The best way to get that positive answer is by making your first date perfect.

Shave and Clean Up

Some individuals like it bushy and wild. But, yeah, to some people, pubic hair might be quite a turn-off. If you are meeting up with that special someone, and you are confident that some bedroom action is about to go down, it is important to shave. First impressions last, and you don’t want the picture of your bushy unclean cookie jar or your candy bar to be the way that special person remembers your first lovemaking session. Be sure to clean up and get yourself those amazing fragrances, nothing says sexy than an amazing fragrance during that special moment. If you are a man seeking women, a woman seeking men, or a man seeking men for casual sex, and you do find them, you better start shaving.

Take Your Time for Foreplay

Foreplay is to first-time sex what Adam Levine is to Maroon 5 – you can not do it without foreplay. Foreplay serves the sole purpose of readying the body for pleasuring, and it works. It is your first time, and you are sure to be a little nervous or very excited… Well, if foreplay is done right, that sex split persona in you will come out. Suck those nipples for as long as you can, grab that ass, squeeze it, and watch that special someone groan at the high end of pleasure.

There is a misconception that oral sex is a little too freaky for first-time sex, well, it is not. Oral sex is great; it eases sexual tension and puts both of you on the right pathway to orgasm. Play with his balls as you blow his mind off. Pinch and squeeze her titties as you eat her out. Do not rush through foreplay, please, do not! We understand there is a very strong urge to rush straight into penetration, but the wait will be worth it.

Missionary Is Perfect for Mission ‘First-Time Sex’

We know the pressure you feel. You think it’s essential to impress when you are shagging for the first time, and you might be tempted to try some extreme positions. Who would not want to prove that they are a pro when it comes to a reverse cowgirl or upstanding citizen? Well, do not worry, there will be plenty of time to do that, but for the first time, the first round is better executed in missionary.

Missionary is perfect; it doesn’t require a lot from you physically, and it allows you to reach a certain level of intimacy that you will not be able to reach with any other position. Kiss in between the stroke and continue to caress to make sure that arousal is never low. Once you get a little closer, you can be sure to try other positions. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is always a good idea to keep up to date with sex trends; it will boost your confidence.

There Is Always Round Two

There is very intense pressure, especially for men, to make sure they do not cum too quickly. Let me make this very clear: the main reason that makes men cum early is the fear of cumming early. Do not pressure yourself when the penetration game begins; even if you do come early, there is always a second round, and you can prove your sexual prowess then. Just be confident and do not put too much thought into it.

orgasm first-time sex

Do Not Fake Orgasm

The goal for sex is to enjoy the act, and orgasming is a bonus. We know when it’s your first time having sex, you do not want to hurt your partner’s feelings, and you might have the urge to fake an orgasm, do not. Faking an orgasm is pretty childish, and it kind of sends the wrong message to your partner. Sex is all about openness(pun intended), and the very moment you fake an orgasm, you might end up leading your partner in the wrong direction. It might make your first-time sex experience boring, and the future sex escapade will be quite terrible. If your partner knows you did not orgasm at that time, they will try other stuff next time, and eventually, you will get there.

Be Creative During That First-Time Sex Session

It is your first time having sex; you should make sure that it is memorable! The best way is to spice it up a little bit. Throw in little roses and candles if you are a desperate romantic. Bring out your whips and shackles if you are a BDSM junkie. If your partner agrees, you can tag along with someone else and make it an awesome threesome.

Your first session should not necessarily be (or is rarely ever) perfect. There are a lot of things you can improve on later, building on that initial encounter as you learn more about your partner’s preferences. As such, there is no need to put a lot of pressure on yourself. The only challenge perhaps can be finding the perfect partner to have that first time experience with. Head on to Wickedlist and make your pick of the right partner closest to you easily!