Masturbation has been there for a very long time, arguably the best and absolutely safest source of sexual pleasure, even for people in long-term relationships! Most people, however, tend to do the same thing over and over, and it might eventually get boring. If you are a fan of sexual pleasure (who isn’t, though?), these masturbation tips and guides can crank up the heat during your next solo action session!

Masturbation for Women

Many people – both male and female – don’t know that women tend to masturbate more than men. Funny enough, the majority of women still find the experience a bit weird and awkward, especially with other forms of the act like toy play or mutual masturbation (basically, masturbating with a partner). However, there are dozens of things you can do to improve your masturbation skills and help you avoid those awkward casual sex encounters. These include:

Trying Different Types of Masturbation

There are different types of female masturbation, and we can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed if you try them out. These include anal masturbation, clitoral masturbation, and erogenous zones masturbation.

  • Erogenous Zones Masturbation

It is where you rub and pinch your nipples, in between your thighs, neck, ears, and the breast area. These zones are known as erogenous zones, and they are some of the sensitive parts of the body. If you did not know, you can orgasm just for this. Ever heard of a nipplegasm? If you haven’t tried it, and if you do it right, you will get one.

  • Combo

It is one of the best ways to masturbate out there. Combo masturbation is when you combine different methods of masturbation at the same time. The results are usually an explosive orgasm. If you are skeptical about the anal route (anal penetration is a wholly different ride), you can always start with the clitoral and vaginal combo.

woman masturbation vaginal clitoral anal

Use Different Positions

We know you already know the basics when it comes to masturbation. That is exactly why our first pick has to do with different positions. Most poses that you have used are ok, but these are better.

  • Opposite Day

We know you have that one hand that you always use to masturbate. To switch things up, just use another hand. It is bound to bring a new level of sensation to your masturbation experience.

  • Selfie Stick

This position is quite extreme. All you have to do is to raise your legs straight up in the air. The next step is opening them as wide as possible but still maintaining their straightness. The next step is setting the ball rolling whether you want to run around or penetrate – it’s all up to you.

Use Toys

Sex toys are amazing. That’s all! Sex toys are one of the best things that technology has given us. They are so variable that there is bound to be one perfect for you. If you are not into toy penetration, you can always opt for nipple clamps for your erogenous zones. Sex toys bring a dynamic to solo play that you can never imagine. If you think you do not squirt, we can bet that sex toys can change that.

Add Porn to the Mix

We know your imagination is great, and we do not doubt that. Porn, however, is greater. If you have been masturbating before, you can agree with us that it is all about imagination. Nothing makes it sharper than some good ol’ porn. Get yourself some quality porn and start exploring! Besides, the best type of adult videos is that you can relate to. It means the porn film categories that you have tried before gives your brain a better chance to immerse in the scene.

Masturbation for Men

Well, masturbation for men has been the same thing for years. And we know it’s still exciting that way. Still, there are ways you can make the entire experience better:

  • Porn, Porn, and More Porn

There are enough videos on the internet for you to last a lifetime. No matter how much porn you have watched, there will still be a lot more for you to check and get surprised by the scriptwriter’s imagination. Masturbation is all in the brain, and the visual sense is probably the strongest. With porn, you are bound to cum seamlessly. Make sure you do not turn down the volume: the sound is essential too.

  • Throw in Toy into Play

Most men are skeptical about using a sex toy, and we do not blame them because it is an issue that is rarely talked aloud. However, adding a toy to your solo play is an idea that is going to bring you lots of pleasure. Because it allows you to experience sensation from more than just the penis hence adding the anus or the prostate into the mix!

masturbation sex toys

You can throw in a butt plug to get right to your G-spot or a fleshlight to imitate a vagina. We know your hands might eventually get tired, and the best substitute is a fleshlight. Fleshlights are perfect. They can be adjusted to fit just right on your penis. You can also pursue a nipplegasm using convenient nipple clamps.

Embrace the Process – Take Your Time!

We know the goal is to orgasm, but getting there too quickly kind of takes away all the fun from the act. Take your time when masturbating – it only prolongs the pleasure! The best part about a solo play is it is not only about the orgasm. Rather, it is also about the journey to orgasm. The best way to improve the pleasure quality is by using the stop and pinch method. It means when you are about to cum, you stop and pinch your penis until you no longer feel the urge to cum, then continue.

As we wind up, don’t forget to keep an open mind about the whole thing. Find yourself the perfect partner to do a mutual wank session once in a while to mix things up and deviate from the routine. Also, keep it well lubricated to avoid injury. Don’t have a partner to get naughty with? The Wickedlist dating website got your back! Whether you are looking for a long term relationship, some casual sex, or just a wank session, it’s the place to be where you can meet scores of women seeking men, men seeking women, and thousands of sexy singles of all sexual persuasions!