The ones that hit you with that ‘we can always be friends’ are just the worst! Coming back from that is next to impossible! Have you been there before? Loving someone that doesn’t love you back…hoping for more from someone who just doesn’t see you ‘that way’? You’re not alone, we all suffer through it at some point. Now, come to think of it, we also have people who like us a lot, yet we don’t like them ‘that way’! It’s like the universe is playing a sick joke on us, isn’t it? Anyway, there is definitely more you can do to make someone like you more than they already do! Don’t just roll over and accept defeat! Take a chance, see what happens!

Relationships – Hippy Way

Before we dive into all the tricks you can deploy to grab the attention of someone, it’s pretty important to understand the way relationships work in this modern society. With the invention of dating websites and apps, it’s now easier for people to find casual sex partners and even long-term relationship ones via online dating.

This means that everyone who has access to an internet connection and an internet-capable device has lots of options for hookups and whatnot via dating websites like Also, these ‘hippy’ relationships can be pretty confusing, leaving you wondering what they are exactly. Thus, before you try to get more, you may want to first find out exactly what your current relationship is.

With that in mind, grabbing the attention of someone is all about being unique to a point that all those other options pale in comparison. It’s not an easy feat, but it can be done. Here’s how!

1. Study Your ‘Target’ to Make Someone Like You

Every endeavor requires serious commitment, right? Your first commitment when trying to make someone like you more is studying them thoroughly to figure out every intricate detail about their lives, their interests, their fears, their ambitions …everything! I know, it sounds like creepy stalking, and it probably is! However, there’s a lot at stake here, whether it’s casual sex or a long-term relationship that you’re after.

The more you know your target, the better chances you have to appeal to them. After all, affection is all in the mind. Even if the person finds you physically unattractive or ‘not their type’, you can still win them over through mind games that they can never see coming!

2. Aim for Friendship with Them

Now, this is the first milestone in this quest to make someone like you more! Every great relationship starts with friendship fac. Don’t approach the person romantically, especially if he/she has already shown signs of not being interested in that. Rather, take a ‘buddy’ approach. This way, you have higher chances of success because we can all always use one more friend, and a friendly person often causes us to let our guards down.

Since friends open up to each other, you can easily get more personal detail this way. You will also get more opportunities and excuses to spend time together. Even more sinister, you can also easily cock-block any other interested parties and discourage your target from pursuing others!

3. Steer your Conversations & Interactions

Sometimes people don’t engage in friendship, casual sex, dating, etc. with you simply because the thought of it never crossed their minds. This is especially true with people that have known each other for a long time in a certain context. For instance, neighbors can easily establish a culture of friendly hellos every day for years but never really engage each other properly. That ‘oh, that’s just my neighbor’ context can easily lead to years of friendly hellos without any actual friendly engagement.

As such, your target needs to see you as a potential friend, casual sex partner, or long-term relationship significant other if you’re going to succeed. However, this needs to be done very subtly. Simply steer your conversations towards relevant subjects where you can just throw in that idea. E.g.: watch a romantic movie together and say something like: “You know, I’d really love to find someone special like that too!”

make them like you

That alone paints a different picture in your target’s mind. If they used to see you as just a friend, they will now see you as just a friend who would want a committed and romantic long-term relationship. You also need to subtly indicate that they too are a potential choice for you with lines like: “I wish I had a friend that can teach me a guitar (assuming they can play the guitar)” OR “I guess I do have a type, I like them tall and dimpled (assuming they’re tall and dimpled)”. Even if you laugh it off afterward or brush it aside, it subliminally changes their perception of you.

4. Interact More to Make Someone Like You

Many people have fallen in love ‘unaware’, ending up in serious long-term relationships! You just wake up one day and realize that you’re thinking of someone, wanting to talk to them. Now, this is often a result of frequent and enjoyable interaction! This can be physical or virtual interaction in any context such as work or leisure time.  The more you spend time with someone or talking with them, the more they grow on you. You start enjoying their company, noticing their interesting qualities, and, more importantly, missing them when they’re not around! Check out more tips on how to get frequently asked on dates so that you create more interaction opportunities.

Now, the goal here is to make your interactions very enjoyable such that when you’re not around, the person misses you for all that fun you have! Initially, create chances to just hang-out indirectly, such as picking them for a project at work/school, ‘accidentally’ running into them at a favorite hangout spot. This way, the approach remains subtle, and it won’t feel like a real date or spending time together, which is great for bringing guards down.

5. Final Push – Exploit Vulnerabilities

Everyone has a weak spot, you just have to find it! Now, this can be done by simply studying them as mentioned earlier. Dig into your target’s background, lifestyle, and find out the things that they care about, the things they are sensitive about, etc. Then, use all that to your advantage! After all, it’s a mind game, and there’s a lot of psychology to this dating game.

It doesn’t have to be as sinister as it sounds – ha-ha! Rather, just the simple stuff like finding out the person’s favorite band, then inviting them to a concert by that band. This will create the perfect common ground for you to relate to each other. You can also subtly find similarities between you two, such as the way you were both raised, perhaps the loss of loved ones. Talk about that stuff, making yourself even more relatable to them! That can easily unlock the right affections that build a long-term relationship.

You can also exploit the tragedies or problems in their life by simply showing that you care in those moments. When they fall sick, bring them some soup and nice fresh flowers or fruit. When in crisis, offer to help and be there all the way for support. All that is a powerful love language that can stir up very powerful emotions and affection that never existed before the crisis happened!

Is This All Make Them Like You?

If done right, these few techniques should work like magic. You will, however, have to be super-patient and let the feelings grow gradually. At the end of the day, your target will fall for you without you ever making a direct indication that it’s what you wanted! In the event it all doesn’t work, there’s always Wickedlist. There you can find thousands of sexy and attractive people who are equally interested in you and ready to engage in steamy casual sex or long-term relationships, whatever you’re after! Good luck!