Sexting goes beyond words and pictures on a screen. Sexting is the perfect pathway to all things sex, especially if you have just met through online dating sites. If you sext right, going from chatting online to banging it out will surely be a breeze! The biggest problem when sexting is that most people think they are pretty good at it, wrongfully so! As such, knowing the difference between an outright offensive text and cheeky sexy text is the holy grail of sexting. Don’t feel like your sexting game is on point, or perhaps just looking for some inspiration? Join us as we explore the art of sexting perfectly!

Sexting is the main reason why some relationships stay on those dating platforms, and others make it to real life. Of course, lots more elements go into a successful first-time sex session as discussed in our previous blog, but excellent sexting skills will surely put you in the running! Here are the basics of what you need to know:

  • Build from the Bottom

Sexting is not a zoom meeting or anything similar. Telling your partner ‘let’s sext!’ can be ranked as one of the corniest things that you can do in a relationship. The secret is reading the room. You do not just start by sending a dick pic without the proper mood and intention being set. It will only come off as weird, inappropriate, and offensive. Try to compliment first and get more and more intuitive, and before you know it, the whole thing will blow up into an intense flirting session. If the ‘sextee’ texts you that they miss, that is the cue to get your sexting game to the test. “I’m cold”, that is exactly another statement that says the mood is appropriate to sext them all the way now. Never start from the top, that is an amateur move.

  • Tread Smoothly through Sexting Game

After getting through the first stage, you should tread softly. The first response should not be a high tempo; it might scream out desperation. Rather, you should come up with a first response that says: ‘I’m ready to flirt, but I’m not excessively thirsty’. Make it seem like the whole idea of you being close to them is an amazing thing. Responses like, “You wouldn’t be this cold if I were around” are perfect to get the sexy ball rolling. Make the first statements open enough for them to respond in a way that does not make them look too thirsty either; these statements might cut the sexting session short. If you get a relatively horny response after this, it is your cue to go even harder. This part is called building a pivot, and you should build a pretty strong one.

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  • Paint the Canvas Wet

The whole idea is to make your partner understand what would happen if you were in the same room together. We already know sex will happen, but we are trying to make sure they understand what you would do to them if they were having sex with you. If you made sure your pivot is smooth, then you have the leeway to go all out. We know when it comes to sex, you are going to make them cum (here is more on how to make women cum), but with sexting, you have to do it over the screen. It means you have to be as graphic as possible. You can apply some of the easiest tricks to make sure that the canvas is as wet as possible (pun intended).

  • Keep the texts short

The goal is to make the session as graphic as possible, and there is a huge temptation to write long paragraphs, don’t fall for it, do not. Save the paragraphs for your wedding vows! In the realms of sexting, short texts are everything. It is not just about sexting, it is integral in texting perfectly. Make sure that your texts are as detailed as possible, but, at the same time, they should be short. The shorter text means a better response time. Even if you have a lot to say at once, break it down into shorter texts. It makes it easy for the sextee to enjoy the flow of the conversation. Getting them horny is the goal, and, trust us, long paragraphs will not cut it.

  • Mind the sexting vocabulary

Sexting is not a biology lesson. Words like penis might send out some really weird biology vibes. Try to stick to contemporary slang like ‘dick’ and ‘pussy’. It will make sure that you easily build up sexual tension, the good kind. Nobody would get horny by reading a text worded like a biology thesis. There are dozens of emerging trends in the sex world, you need to know these. Nothing makes someone hornier than someone who knows more about sex than they do. It makes them curious, and if there is a way to get them to drop their panties, this is certainly it.

  • The pictures – final part of sexting fun

We emphasized making the sexting session as graphic as possible, and nothing, absolutely nothing, amplifies a sexting session more than nude pics. If you do everything we say before this right, the conversation is going to end with you exchanging nude pictures, and when you get here, you know you are doing great. The picture part is the make or break moment for everyone, and you have to get it right, no matter what.

When they finally ask for your dick picture or a photo of your boobs, and you want to give to them (why would you not want to), get the best picture you can. Choose a photo that is in the utmost sense of the word sexy. Get the perfect angle (yes, it can make your dick look way bigger), perfect lighting (no one wants shadowy nudes), and, more importantly, use a good quality camera (no one wants a blurred-up picture of the impressive breast). If you do this right, your ticket to the real sex train is already booked. The main goal of sexting is to get to real sex, and nudes are the expressway.

Winding Up

Feel like your sexting game is better now? The next step is to find the perfect person to sext with and test your skills, hopefully with success! Head on over to Wickedlist where you can meet the best singles in your city for free and with ease, whether you are a man seeking men or a woman seeking men, whatever gets your motor running!